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Dale Stewart - Water Wars  Stagedive Records  7SEP11

40 Trains a Day 3:12  7.27MB   320kbps

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40 TRAINS A DAY   12-30-04  ds   key A
Verse-A  Cho-A-C-D-E-G-A walkup

V1   It cuts through the heart
and the middle of town
Through city college campus it mows ‘em down
For folks nearby it’s special hell

The horn screams and now your awake
The house shakes like a big earthquake
Like Dante’s inner rings with a horn and a bell

V2   The first thing here were those railroad tracks
It’s a nineteenth century artifact
Junior died tryin' to beat that train

Extreme pollution and sleep depravation
It’s an uphill battle for rail consolidation
Convenient tool for suicide
Dale - vocals and guitars
Joceylin - bass
Dave Vaughn - drums
Derailment at Blackstone and McKinley in Fresno,
1 block from my house, on 19JUN07