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Joel Smith - Vocals and Guitar
Marcelo Radulovich  - Guitar and Vocals
Chris Stephens - Bass
Chris Sondergard - Drums
Angry suburban teens banging away on distorted guitars as they screamed the musical revolution that was punk in the late 70's.  Novice
musicians but with a keen sense of driven art and band-savvy their performances were shocking, thought provoking and funny.  Living chaos
called THE ASSHOLES.  The gig promoters couldn't put the name on the flyers and asked the band if they could come up with another name. So
they were listed as 6SIX6 on one flyer and COW on another. But their real name always was THE ASSHOLES.
Back in the 80's there was a radio program that came on
right before Maximumrocknroll on KPFA. It was called
Living on Indian Time. The anxiety of waiting those last
few minutes for their fave show to come on inspired,
hate Living on Indian Time.
It was such a funny song
and I remember Tim Yohannon getting a big kick out of
that one.
Joel threw a cool party in '81.  THE ASSHOLES played and
a jam band with Annelle on vocals and some of the guys
NBJ and DOGMEAT got up and did a couple rippin'
punk songs. It was a tasty combination. Some of the best
punk rock I've ever witnessed was at some of these
house parties and this one was a perfect example.
I interviewed Annelle, Stan, and Raymond X-Ray Dog
on my boombox (Joel got a few curses in there, too).
Screaming, angry and tickled with life there's laughter
all over the tape.
The cops came and busted up the party around 2 am. It
was funny because we so wanted to complain. And
maybe even have a mini riot
. "We won't let the MAN shut
us down!"
But, it was late. And we were partied-out.
They just wanted us to stop making so much racket and
go home so the neighbors could get some sleep. So, we
grumbled off into the night. 80's punk rock in Fresno.
Marcelo Radulovich is one of those artists that found some of his earliest
creative stimulus in punk. He's still a musician and artist and has a cool
web site with a really neat page about THE ASSHOLES here:
And his Soundcloud page here:

There is a CD available at Marcelo's site it's called,
THE ASSHOLES - Johnny and the Big Prairie Fire.
It contains some of the early cassette recordings combined with newer
material. It's the most wonderful, arty, handmade CD!  They also played a
reunion gig at a restaurant in Tijuana in 2001!
Cassette demo insert 1981
Early Fresno Punk scene gig 1981  Art as a Hammer
Fresno Night at the Mabuhay, San Francisco 1982
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New Assholes
Facebook page!
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