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Capitol Punishment Line-up changes
CP1--Mar 1981 to Oct 1981--8 months  
Eric Tsuda   drums--Keith Johnson
bass and guitar for each version of the band Joceylin and Dale,
so only vocalist and drummer changes listed.

CP2--Nov 1981 to Nov 1987--6 years  
Ralph Lotspeich   drums--Mike Branum

CP3--April 1988 to Nov 1989--1 1/2 years  
Joe Leggett jr.   drums--Tim Biskup

CP4--May 1990 to June 1993--3 years  
Harvey Moody   drums--Willy Greer

CP5--June 1993 to Sept 1995--2 1/2 years  
Jimi Haze   drums--Kelly Kamplain

A few variations from the above.... Sometimes a band member would stay over or come back
for a couple gigs or a tour.  In 82 Keith Johnson stayed over for the first few gigs with Ralph
before Mike joined the band. In 84, Mike Waldhart played second guitar for a few gigs.
And when Harvey was vocalist Tim Welch drummed for some shows.
Also, Tim Biskup played drums for the 1991 Eurpean tour.
Capitol punishment Tours
1985 US TOUR
1   Sept 16   with SOUL MERCHANTS and others Flashflood Artspace   Denver, CO
2   Sept 19   with
R.A.F. and PEER PUPPET   The Brickyard   Lincoln, NE
3   Sept 21   with AUTOPSY and others   The IP Lounge   Columbus, OH
4   Sept 22   with
The MAGNOLIAS and WELFARE SKATE   Club Dewash   Madison, WI
5   Sept 27   with SS-20 and others   
The Jockey Club   Cincinnati, OH
6   Sept 28   The Trash Fest with
The CRUSTIES and others   Cafe Voltaire   Milwaukee, WI
7   Sept 29   with
"X" and SOUL ASYLUM   The Riverside Ballroom   Green Bay, WI
8   Oct  1     Community Center   Des Moines, IA
9   Oct  2     with BROWN 25   The Nitro Club   Tulsa, OK

1986 US TOUR
1   Oct 2&3   with WARMONGER   The Sound Seas   El Paso, TX
3   Oct 4        with lots of other punk bands   Warehouse   Houston, TX
5   Oct 6&7   with The
CIRKLE JERKS   The Antenna Club   Memphis, TN
6   Oct 9        with local bands   Campus Community Center   U of IL   Champagne, IL
7   Oct 10      with
8   Oct 11      with DEPO PROVERA and others   Boxing Gym   Green Bay, WI
9   Oct 12      with local band   Veterans Hall   Milwaukee, WI
10 Oct 13      Rotation Station skating rink   Rockford, IL
11 Oct 16      with VERBAL ASSAULT and R.A.F.   Veterans Hall   Omaha, NE
12 Oct 20      with
VERBAL ASSAULT and others   The Painted Word   Salt Lake City, UT

1   Oct 15   with LWS and others   Jugenzentrum [Community Youth Center]   Rendsburg, Germany
2   Oct 16   with
RHYTHM PIGS and RAMONEZ 77   Umdongshuset   Copenhagen, Denmark
3   Oct 17   with LWS and others   The Alternative   Lubeck, Germany
4   Oct 18   with LWS and others   Jugenzentrum   Wolfsburg, German
5   Oct 20   with
NO ALLEGIANCE and others   Anarchist Nightclub   Berlin, Germany
6   Oct 22   with LWS and others   AJZ Club   Bielefeld, Germany
7   Oct 23   with local bands   Jugenzentrum   Voerde, Germany
8   Oct 24   with LWS   Jugenzentrum   Homborg,  Germany
Oct 25   with VERBAL ABUSE, REPULSIVES and LWS Parochiezaal  Scherpenheuvel, Belgium
10 Oct 27   with LWS and LIBYA FRONT   Jugenfreizeitstatte   Munich, Germany
11 Oct 29   with LWS and others   Stadtwerkstatt   Linz,  Austria
12 Oct 31   with
             Schwabisch-Gmund, Germany

1989 US TOUR
1   Oct 1   with XTREMITIES and others   Quigley's   University of Colorado   Boulder CO
2   Oct 4   with
SCREECHING WEASEL and others   MacGregor's   Chicago IL
3   Oct 7   with locals   The Loft   Madison WI
4   Oct 8   with
LUBRICATED GOAT and others   Club Soda   Kalamazoo MI
5   Oct 13  with AFFIRMATIVE ACTION and BIG GULP   Pulaski Club   Willimantic CT
6   Oct 14  with local band   Downtown Beirut II   New York City
7   Oct 15  with
TOKEN ENTRY, UNDERDOG, VISION and others   CBGB's   New York City
8   Oct 21  with SHAMROCK SHAKES and others   McKay Hall   U of IA   Ames IA
9   Oct 22  with
KLUSTERFUX   The Outhouse   Lawrence KS
10 Oct 25   with TYRANNICIDE and SONIC DISRUPTION   Atomic Theater   Albequerque NM

1991 GERMAN TOUR    All gigs with EMILS and SUCKSPEED
1   Mar 14   Zeche Carl   Essen
2   Mar 16   Gala   Bremen
3   Mar 19   Ecstasy   Berlin
4   Mar 20   
Hyde Park   Osnabruck
5   Mar 21   
Markthalle   Hamburg
6   Mar 22   
Fabrik   Coesfeld
7   Mar 23   
Kulturfabrik   Krefeld
8   Mar 24   
Batschkapp   Frankfurt
9   Mar 25   
Labyrinth   Wurzburg     
10 Mar 26   Exil   Trier