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ALTERED FEATURES 1980 at Davey Fowler's
L yo R: Wendy West-vocals  Dale Stewart-gtr  Steve Mercado-gtr  
June Beard-drums  Joceylin Fedrau-bass
ALTERED FEATURES 1980 at the Bucket-Fresno State
Wendy West-vocals  June Beard-drums  Dale Stewart-gtr  
off camera: Joceylin Fedrau-bass  Steve Mercado-gtr  
The first band Joceylin and I attempted was a band with Wendy
West and Larry Gone in 1980. June Beard  (from
NBJ), was on
drums and it was called ALTERED FEATURES. Our one gig was
at The Bucket at Fresno State and I set up my boombox on record
at the back of the club to record our set. The interesting thing
wasn't the band, we mostly sucked, but a couple of guys who
noticed an unattended tape recorder rolling, saw an opportunity
and took it upon themselves to make comments about the band as
we played our set.

At the time I was ticked. But, what was I thinking leaving an
unattended tape recorder running with a bunch of drunk guys
standing around? It's funny as hell now.  In a thuggish voice: "Hey
man......what's up? (chuckle)...I don't know but these guys really
suck.....(chuckle chuckle)jukebox!, jukebox!, jukebox!
.....who are these guys?.....I don't know, but they sure
suck......(chuckle chuckle)"  ALTERED FEATURES did some
recording at Fresno City College but shortly thereafter we went
our separate ways.