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Dale Stewart - Water Wars  Stagedive Records  7SEP11

Buying Stock 2:30  5.76MB  320kbps

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BUYING STOCK   11-13-04   ds   120bpm
Verse-G-C-F-C/G-C-F-G   CHO-F-C-G-F-G

V1      Buying stock Bush corporation
Buying stock and funeral plots
Won’t stand up tax-break salvation
Won’t save the nation

CHO   We the people A perfect union
Feel the heat and See the light
A corporation is not a person
Feel the heat and see the light

V2      Simplify all the taxes
Clarify the overtime
Tort reform deceitful practice
Can’t you see who’s side
They’re always on?
Dale - vocals and guitars
Joceylin - bass