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                                                Larry Hobson-Vocals
                                                Dave "Hatman" Propp-Guitar
                                                Dave Ewald-Bass
                                                Ralph Paolinelli-Drums

AUDIO TERRORISM by a few months and had Dave Propp on guitar
instead of
Johnny Heathen. Which makes it about '84-'85. I remember CP
playing a gig at the
River Theater in Guerneville and COCKTAIL
WAITRESSES were on the bill. That was when we were hanging out with
artist and sculptor
Dale Enzenbacher. He did some artwork for CWFH
that was made into a t-shirt. It was this sexy, devilish woman with a tail
and horns serving drinks.  I admired Enzenbacher's great talent and
loved his philosophy of life. He was a true free spirit. He jokingly said to
me on several occasions, "Hey, I'm an artist I can do anything I want".

Dave "hatman" Propp was one of
thee earliest
punk rockers in Fresno. He was friends with Richard Wineland in like '77.
Dave, Richard and Rick Reneau had a "3 guys jamming on guitars" project
that was called the SLAGGS. This eventually became the

This is really cool: Dave Propp left Fresno in 1980 for Portland, Oregon.
He stayed there just long enough to get into a happening punk band
and record a really cool punk 7-inch. The band was  
the record was
Mom and Pop democracy.  I have the record and it is the
coolest homemade punk record. SADO-NATION  kept on with much
success after that and are still gigging to this day (2003).

When Dave Propp returned to Fresno he got a job as doorman at the
Olympic Tavern and continued on in that position for several years into
the early 90's. The Oly was mainly a blues bar, but there were some
pretty good punk shows there every once in a while. In '91, after major
remodeling/expansion the Oly became Club Fred. Doorman Dave
wore a hat. Hence the nickname. I still see Dave every once in a while.
He taught me some cool guitar licks. He was/is hella good guitarist.

Dave "Hatman" Propp - Photo by Rickey Reneau