The first CP record, a 7-inch EP we put out ourselves on our newly-formed Stagedive Records. The
recording session was the first time we recorded in SF with
Tom Mallon. It eventually sold a couple  
thousand copies in the US and in Europe. Not bad for a debut release from an unknown punk band
from a backwater town. Re-released on We Bite records (black/whitevinyl) in Germany in the 80's.
This debut 7-inch was the launching pad to our first album,
When Putsch Comes to Shove in 1985.
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Two-Party System
Music/Lyrics by Dale Stewart and Ralph Lotspeich 1983
I’ve got my interests and they’ve got theirs
Wolf with no legs but caught in the lair
Two party system what a charade
Saturated by corporate escapades
Big business gets top priority
Spread across the textbooks we’re a democracy
What a farce government for the people
On our knees before the capitol steeple
Every four years and a new one to choose
Mannequins wearing corporate shoes
Soulless bodies mile after mile
Standing in order monotonous zeig-heil
Side M
Two-party system 1:26
Wrong direction 1:21
Killer cop :54

Side R
Jody is my bloody love 5:06

Ralph Lotspeich-Vocals
Dale Stewart-Guitar
Joceylin Fedrau-Bass
Mike Branum-Drums
Jody 4-Song 7-inch EP 1983 Stagedive Records #1
Slam dancers featured in the video are Steve Daniels, Sean Willis, Yoda
and the 4th guy we're not sure. I think it's Rick Struhar, Jocey says it's Todd Sharp.
They were trying to pick on Mike while the video taping was in progress,
as Max Quigley once said, "Always a fun bunch, never a dull moment".
A video of Jody is my bloody love from Nov.
'83 made at the local cable television studio
in Fresno CA. Also included are many CP
photos and gig flyers from the era.
Jody is my Bloody Love  Key of E  (Open E w/E on A string 7th fret bounce on dissonant F)

Jody is my bloody love, a virgin till she dies
I am still her favorite fan, the one with bloody eyes
Jody stands in front of me, making all my dreams
suddenly she sees my face, I smile as Jody screams
Bloody thoughts go through my mind as Jody cries in vain
She knows her bloody boyfriend is hopelessly insane

I reach out to take her hand but Jody backs away
Shivering and still in tears Jody starts to pray:
Lord she says, I need your help, please don’t let me die
Hinckley wants to kill me now and I don’t know why
Jody ends her bloody prayer and wonders what’s in store
what is it I plan to do with such a bloody whore

Forget about the sacrifice I tell her in a rage
Forget about your future life on silver screen and stage
I have come to shoot you down with my bloody gun
You should die and I shall die, God’s will must be done

Look here at my bloody knife, I think I’ll stab you first
deep into your bloody heart, it shall quench my thirst
Jody falls in virgin blood, innocent and dead
the gun I fondle in my hands is aimed now at my head
I pull the trigger and I fall beside the girl I love
it’s the perfect way to die, I call it Bloody Love

A CD with Complete Lyrics of this song and 28 other
Capitol Punishment songs is available here: