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Formed in '83 by record collector and
musician Mike Waldhart, DEATH CAMP had a
hard-hitting punk style similar to MINOR
THREAT with a hint of surf-punk. Mike had
the flippin, hugest punk record collection I
ever saw outside of the Tim Yohannon
collection. And I've seen some pretty
awesome punk collections. Richard
Wineland's and Eric Tsuda's come to mind. I
was no slouch either. But, Waldhart had us all

He really got into things Australian and
eventually vacationed there. He was a
prolific photographer, too. I got to see
graphic photos of a GG Allin performance
Mike took. I couldn't attend an actual show
so the photos were good enough. DEATH
CAMP has some of the hottest material on
Hardcore '84 comp.

The only time
a four-piece band was a 6 month period in 85
when Mike Waldhart played second guitar. It
was a wall of sound, but it didn't work out
and so we went back to being a four piece
after that.
David Eller-Vocals
Mike Waldhart-Guitar
Bobby Arias-Bass
Anthony Fimbrez-Drums
DEATH CAMP Lyric sheet 1983
Mike Waldhart also played guitar in THINK TANK and appeared on their 7-inch ep on Mind Matter
records. We sure had a lot of fun partying with Mike and his buddies from Madera. They were a
part of the Fresno-Madera punk scene connection.

Looking for a photo of this band. If you have any you would like to share...  DS