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Dale Stewart - Water Wars  Stagedive Records  7SEP11

Flatlanders 3:23  7.67MB  320kbps
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I thought about, how Fresnans
are always seen to be people
who live in this vast, open
land we call the San Joaquin
Valley. But, it feels more like a
Flat Land than a valley.
The mountains, the ocean
are very far away.
So far, as if to not exist.
But there is a way out.
On that horse at night.
The way lit by the moon
and the stars to guide you.
Hold on, it's going to be
a bumpy ride.
Instrumental featuring
Mayumi Hata
on Native American Flute
Dale - guitars
Joceylin - bass
Mayumi Hata - percussion and flute
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