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Dale Stewart - Water Wars  Stagedive Records  7SEP11

From the Start 2:51  6.53MB  320kbps

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FROM THE START   4-22-05 ds
Intro-A-C-D-A   V-C-D
TURN-E-A-D E-D-A  112bpm  

V1   A thousand cuts All added up
Would surely kill
though not one cut was deep at all
To have a part right from the start
Then watch your reasons
scatter and fall

Cho  It seems we’ve strayed
From the start we made
But when all the reasons
why change

V2   To feel by perception
Truth or deception
A hole in the heart
Or a hole in the head
If you lead with your heart
and you don’t look back
You just follow that train
you head right down the track
The purpose of Punk Rock was to give disadvantaged people a chance to play in a band, not to just fuck shit up.
Dale - vocals and guitars
Joceylin - bass
Dave Vaughn - drums