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Dale Stewart - Water Wars  Stagedive Records  7SEP11

Governator 2:58  6.72MB  320kbps

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Since the latest developments in the secret life of the Governator I've written some new lyrics and a new version will be available, soon.
GOVERNATOR  ds 2-10-05 118bpm key E
V-E-G 3-chord bounce-bend  C-G-Gb-B-C  

V1   Flash a big grin as he rolls into town
Drivin his Humvee he waves all around
Governator how’s your MPG?

When he works so hard to conceal
Millions made through secret deals
Governator where there’s smoke there’s fire

A Wheelin’ and a dealin’ in a smoke-filled tent
The smell of big bucks has a strong scent
His greatest role all the state’s a stage

V2   Playing honest is his greatest part
Quid pro quo is a fine art
Get half a state to suspend disbelief

Said he can’t be bought cause he’s too rich
But constant fund-raising from special interests
Governator just blowing smoke

When he first got into office
Thought he weren’t too shabby
But the paparazzi caught him
And he looked real flabby
Governator we need to pump you up!
I'd be honored if anyone
wanted to cover any of my songs.
Here's how they go...
Dale - vocals and guitars
Joceylin - bass
Brad Rogers - percussion