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These guys & gals oozed punk street cred. It seemed these were the people
punk was invented for. Annelle was so cool!  She ruled wherever she went
and relished having whatever authority she could shove onto anyone within
earshot. She also never lacked for admirers. From the stage in between songs
she would demand a cigarette, then a beer, then help with her gear. It was
charming and funny in a sick sort of way.
Rick Reneau left NBJ early on and the band went on as a four piece. I believe
most of the songs the band was known for and the very groove and feel of
the band were written by Rick. At some point June Beard was replaced with
Mark Wills from Hanford on drums. In '82-'83 the band was operating in a
sporadic, on-again off-again mode. They took a lot of time off in-between

Fresno had a big connection with San Luis Obispo and a lot of the bands
would go over there and play. The SLO bands would come over here, too.
One of the better bands was
DEATH OF GLORY which featured Jimmy Rios on
vocals and ex-CP vocalist Eric Tsuda on drums. One of the most
memorable shows from the early 80's was MINOR THREAT, CP, NBJ,
CAMBODIAN KIDS and DEATH OF GLORY at the Fulton House in Fresno. What a
line-up! What a show! Eric and Jimmy played together in another SLO band,
the UNFIT in the 90's.
NBJ Dead Porker video by Linda Abrahamian:
Except for the one song on the Not so Quiet compilation, Dead Porker
no other studio recordings were ever released.
A 1/4 inch, 4-track reel to reel studio recording was talked about for
years. It was held hostage for payment of studio time. But before the
debt could be paid the band came to a tragic end on Oct 23, 1983 with
the passing of lead vocalist Annelle
at only 22 years old.
That was the saddest funeral I ever attended. Not a dry eye was there.
It was attended by most of the Fresno punks and many
family and friends.

NBJ ended up with more than it's fair share of tragedy.
A few years later, bass player Stan Farrington passed away. And in the
mid 90's drummer Mark Wills died in Germany.

I recently bumped into an old friend and he laughingly said,
"there's no
one left from the old Fresno punk scene
because they're all dead"
Though it's partly true, it was difficult for me to find any humor in light
of the loss. They were some of my old friends and a lot of people
enjoyed their music. And they had families that loved them. Please show
some respect. Yeah, some of them died. It's no great mystery what
caused it: addiction and mental illness. Some people can't help it, they
were born that way. But through a garage band they triumphed over
tragedy at least for a brief while as they played the angst that was their
music.  It put a voice for the pain. I salute the misfits of society who
against formidable opposition somehow found a way into the
music business through punk rock.   
Steve Bradshaw-guitar, Mark Wills-drums, Annelle-vocals - NBJ, Fat Jerry-vocals-Vicious Bunnyz, cop 1983
Annelle visiting  a friend.
NBJ - June Beard - drums, Steve Bradshaw - guitar, Annelle Zinagrelli - vocals, Stan Farrington - bass
Eric, Annelle, Steve and a friend holding puppies. 1982
Stan Farrington, bassist for NBJ and Trish Army 1984.
Annelle Christine Zingarelli
Born April 1, 1961
Died Oct 23, 1983
Burnin Bob and I went to the cemetery on Villa in Clovis in 2002. We had a discussion as to when Annelle
had passed away. Was it '83 or '84? We could find the truth by going to her grave. Bob knew which
graveyard and after walking around we finally went to the office and found the exact location.

I always thought her name was spelled with one 'n' and I never knew her birth date.

Bob put a rose in the cup on the gravestone and talked to Annelle as if she were listening. I remarked she
was born on April fool's day. The brass plaque was a little dirty and we wiped it off. Bob continued to talk
to her as I listened.

"We sure miss you Annelle and we still love you".

I felt pity for her, that she would do this to herself, to miss out on all the life that had come and gone
since she had died 19 years earlier. I felt sorry for her family. The loss of a beautiful 22 year old daughter
must have been unbearable. An assortment of negative feelings must have lingered for years. A tragic
ending of a life lived ever so briefly but shined so brightly.

Dale Stewart punksnax@hotmail.com
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Annelle Zingarelli-Vocals
Rick Reneau-Guitar
Steve Bradshaw-Guitar
Stan Farrington-Bass
June Beard-Drums
Mark Wills (deceased) 1990s  photo: Katja Buer
ubtractions guitarist, Rick Reneau started this project with Annelle in 1980
and quickly became the best and most popular punk band in the Fresno
scene at the time. With their name and lyrics they were both anti-social and
dangerous. Songs about killing cops and doing drugs. They had a
death-a-billy, grungy-punk ala
FLIPPER sound that had a broad appeal.
If you put just about any kind of an audience in front of them, they would
like NBJ. Either because of or in spite of their dangerousness they showed
potential for success. When the DKs played here in 1980 the only band Jello
showed interest in was NBJ. If things would have worked out a little
differently they might have gotten signed to AT.