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Dale Stewart - Occupy  Stagedive Records  14FEB12

Occupy 3:06  7.13MB  320kbps

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V1   We walk the line the 99
The brunt of deregulation
We see the light
shit ain’t right
They’re waging class-war
Through punitive legislation

The one percent never do without
As poverty grips the nation
The growing gap
that’s where it’s at
On the move now gonna

CHO  From Wall Street we hear the Tweets
From Main street to the Arab Spring
The voice of the people sayin

V2    From Mona’s tweets we feel the heat
She told the story from inside
They broke her arms and they broke our hearts
The world is watching we won’t be denied

We made the mark Zucotti Park
The burning man in Tunisia
In Tahrir Square
our hearts were there
We’re on the move now
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Dale - vocals, guitars and glockenspeil
Joceylin - vocals, bass & percussion