ike a hurricane out of the south Valley came this three-piece that played some of the
fastest and shortest songs of the day. They fit 12 songs onto their debut 7-inch on
Lookout Records! Recorded in '86, released Lookout #7 in '87. I was priviledged to be in
Grey Gregson's Audio Image studio in Fresno with them when they recorded that cool

PLAID RETINA had a long and fruitful career first as a straightahead, fast punk band and
then morphed into a style of music that really defied description.  With elements of
prog-rock and jazz mixed with punk they were on the cutting edge of the late 80's-early
90's punk scene.

Of all the 80's punk bands from the Fresno area they toured the most. They toured
constantly for several years playing all over this great land.  I remember getting postcards
Matt from places like Texas and Virginia. This is a band to ask tour stories about.
Playing so many gigs all over the U.S. they've had the most outrageous and funniest
experiences. They put out a lot of records and CDs, too. First on Lookout and then
David Hayes' Very Small Records and also Fresno's Duckbutter Records run by Tim Biskup.

CP played several gigs with and I watched them perform many times. They were a one of a
kind type of band with a natural flowing talent. I think that's why they were so successful.
From short bursts of teen punk angst to grand multilayered harmonies and exotic rhythm
structures they covered a lot of ground in the years they were together. And it didn't hurt
none too much that they worked so hard at it.
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1--Plaid Retina--12 song 7-inch EP--1986--Lookout Records #7
Boxcar--8 song 7-inch EP--1988--Musical Tragedies #072
The Thing that ate Floyd 2-LP Comp--1988--Lookout Records #11
Pinkeye--12 song LP--1989--Lookout Records #20
Shredder Compilation--1989--Shredder Records Volume 3
Rejection--3 song 7-inch EP--1990--Duck butter Records #9
Mind Tracing the Going Down--10 song LP--1991--Very Small #13
What I can't have--7-inch EP--1993--Little Deputy Records
Dead End Mind--10 song LP/CD--1993--Very Small Records #18
The Spark--3 song 7-inch EP--1994--Very Small Records #40
Punk Rock 7-inchers Compilation CD--Vol.1--2003--Lookout #293
Matt Morris-guitar and vocals
Travis-bass and vocals
Don Hudgens-drums
Of all the bands I've known these guys really earned and deserved the success they
Don and Trav settled down in Austin, Texas where they reside and are still
playing in the Austin area. Matt has returned to his hometown, Visalia and has moved on
from his previous project,
FUTURE IMPERFECT and is now working on a new project with
keyboards, bass and drums.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2012 Here's a great PLAID RETINA page at Wikipedia:

A cool PR myspace page:

Trav's newest Metal/Prog band is RUBELLA MUTI:

Trav's band HALO RINGS HER HEAD myspace page:

Don's band CRABNOG page:
http://www.crabnog.com/Site/About.html  and Green Hell-Misfits Tribute band page

Matt's prior band FUTURE IMPERFECT:
In the Boxcar
At the Buddy Holly statue in Texas
In the rehearsal room - a real train boxcar that was fixed up w/insulation, drum riser, carpet and electricity.
Every band needs nutrition - On tour with Plaid Retina.
PLAID RETINA - What we're not  1:05  off the Shredder 7-inch Comp 1989