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Dale Stewart - Water Wars  Stagedive Records  7SEP11

Starve the Beast 3:03  6.99MB  320kbps

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Starve the Beast   14JUL10  ds
V-Gb-A-D  CHO-D-A-Gb-AX4 Gb-F-A

To help the weak and right the wrongs
I need my state to be very strong
Raise a tax to pay for it all
To benefit both big and small

Destroy the government by making it weak
And it becomes ineffective
Then point and say I told you so
That’s the way that it usually goes

In my heart I hear a sound
The search for truth I have found
The voice of reason diversity

Sign a pledge not to raise a tax
And yet a tax would save the state
Starve the Beast and break it’s back
That’s the way they legislate
Republicans govern the way you'd expect someone who hates goverment.
Dale - vocals, guitars and glockenspeil
Joceylin - bass
Brad Rogers - percussion