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Dale Stewart - Water Wars  Stagedive Records  7SEP11

True and Faithful 3:20  7.63MB  320kbps

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Inspired by the life of
Jocey's Grandma. I tried to
write the most tender and
sensitive music I could
conjur up. But, as I
pondered the life behind
the photos and the stories,
the thing that stood out to
me was how loved she was
and how she loved those
around her.
And that love was so
faithful, year after year, for
so many years.
She lived to be 92
years of age.

This instrumental is an
audio representation
of those feelings of truth
and faithfulness.
Dale - guitars
Joceylin - bass
Cecil Bessie Hill
I've been drawn over the years to
the harmonic bells on the guitar.
Treating the guitar like a
percussive instrument,
Searching for a new sound.

Most done on the '88 Tele, front
pickup. Marshall '82, very low gain.
Boss digital delay, SM57. A little of
the Martin with a glass slide in
the background.
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