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Here's the kicker: Keith has had a successful
career as a classical guitarist, music teacher
and author.  A Master's from Juilliard School
of Music and a doctorate in music from USC.
He's authored several books about classical
guitar including  Mel Bay books
Guitar Music of the 16th Century and Gospel
Favorites . Mel Bay publications are thee
authority of guitar instruction. Most
guitarists of the last 40 years, like myself
learned to play from a Mel Bay book. I'll never
forget those photos of Mel Bay himself
showing how to form the chords.
Keith Calmes-Guitar
David Takayama-Guitar
Brett Ruston-Bass
Brent Mermer-Drums
Dale Stewart  punksnax@hotmail.com

Update 20Jan07:
Keith came to Fresno for a
Classical guitar Recital:
Friday February 16th 7:30pm
Music Dept. Recital Hall
Fresno City College

Keith is mentioned here:
Schramm Guitars
In spite of all the punk bands from Fresno there were
not many punk zines.
Laughing Messiah was a punk
fanzine that Keith put out in 82-83 which covered local
shows and bands, record reviews,and happenings in
the scene. Keith also played guitar in PUBLIC
MOTEL SEX, whew!
Keith has a wonderful new website over
here with lots of links to his many projects:
Originally started out as THE ROVER KIDS but, with
changes in band members the name was changed to
ASSERTIVE DISCIPLINE and then shortened to just
A.D.  Keith played in several other early Fresno punk
groups: CAPTAIN AMERICA and the AVENGERS included
Gary Schuster-guitar (from
THINK TANK) and Matt
Sobenes-drums.  THE GRENADES was another group Keith
played in.

One of A.D.'s more memorable songs was
'Killer Cops
from Hell"
which was covered by HATED PRINCIPLES. HP
were an 80's punk band from L.A. which featured Keith's
sister on bass and sax and
Katz Seki (noted L.A.
photographer and musician) on guitar.
A.D./GRENADES/CAPT AMERICA happened about '81 to
'84.  They played at the Roeding Park gig in '81, the Clovis
Warehouse several times 82-84, and some other gigs and
house parties.
Keith has a great new 16 song CD out that is
available on
CD Baby and iTunes!
Keith currently resides in New Jersey and is
associated with the Baltimore Classical Guitar
Society. It is so cool that someone who, as a
teenager started out playing in punk rock
bands and went on to become an accomplished
classical guitarist!
NEW! 2015 Keith has a new Soundcloud Page and here's some more of his wonderful Classical music, a
Duet he did with his oldest son, Alain Xiong-Calmes. Keith on Guitar and Alain on Cello: