ABDUCTED CHILDREN started in the late 80s and
were together for a couple of years.  Evolving into
several more bands over the years well
into the nineties and the new millenium.
I remember Matt and Damon from
my old hood in Clovis back in the 80's. I used to see
dreadlocked Matt on his bike. Damon was one of the
best singers and hella frontman (already) in the Fresno area punk bands at
that time. Turtle went on to play bass in
SLUT VINYL. I'm looking for more
background on how ABDUCTED CHILDREN got together, photos, etc.

Abducted Children evolved into CONFIRMED 187 and eventually became
I,MADMAN. Damon being the lead vocalist in all three bands.
looking for more info & pics of this band. If you have info or photos that you would like to share please contact me at:  
punksnax at hot mail dot com  Dale Stewart
Damon Jaurique-Vocals
Matt Crosby-Guitar
Jason Larussa-Drums
AC had a song on the
Shredder Compilation
volume three, Fresno
in 1989. Their song was
Life", A blustery
hard-assed punk
anthem that contained
the kernels of the
full-on hardcore that
was yet to come.