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Burnin' Bob-Vocals
Shawn Baird-Guitar
Drake Cotton-Bass
Kelly Kamplain-Drums
Out of the ashes of the VICIOUS BUNNYZ came BURNIN' BOB, a guy and a
band. In a weird twist of fate the lead singer of VB came to Bob and
offered to give him the band. He would step aside and Bob would step in
as lead singer. Bob accepted and the rest is history.  
Shawn stayed on as guitarist but Coreen who had
drummed for the
FRIGIDETTES was replaced with Kelly
Kamplain who had been drummer for Visalia's
Bassist Gilbert R. Gilbert who had played in
NEW ASSAULT had already left and was
replaced with Drake Cotton.  BB&theBB's got
to play a lot of cool shows '84 to '87,
(see Vence's gigs list) mostly at the
Knights of Columbus hall. One cool
show was with the
England at the Eagles hall.
They had a couple of songs on the
Hardcore 84 cassette compilation.  
Reformed in '94 for a couple reunion
shows, including one very memorable one at the Cadillac Club that also featured SAD BOYZ and
HARSH REALITY, a show put together by Ragin' Records and Jon Hanks.
New School Crust meets old school Punk: Lonnie Potbag and Burnin' Bob at 40 Trains Studio 1998
L to R: Burnin' Bob-Vocals, Kelly Kamplain-Drums, Shawn Baird-Guitar, Craig Hardy-Bass 1998
Burnin' Bob opens for the Toy Dolls   Drake Cotton-Bass  1986
Burnin Bob & the Big Boys
have reformed and have
been rehearsing for some
time now. They plan to
hit it again this winter
with some gigs and
recording. We're looking
forward to the unveiling
of the band with a gig
December 9th, 2006 at
Club Fred. Bob is on vocals
with Shawn on guitar,
Jeff Grinstead is on bass
and Bryan the drummer
from Code of Silence.
Shawn has Doubleup records, a local Fresno
label. A CD compilation of 4 old Fresno punk
REALITY and NBJ has just been released (july
2003). It's called,
It Will Never Die and it's
loaded with a whopping 43 songs! I really
enjoyed this slice of punk nostalgia. Nearly 80
minutes long it includes some of Burnin Bob's
best material from a live show in Oakhurst back
in '85 with
NAKED RAYGUN. Also included are
excerpts from a Burnin Bob interview on
Maximumrocknroll radio, comments from Jello
Biafra on Annelle's passing and a radio
commercial from the TOY DOLLS, CP, BURNIN
BOB gig back in '86. The CD is available from the
band at their gigs.
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