CAMBODIAN KIDS started gigging in '82 at the Clovis Warehouse, (1128 Barstow #8) and played balls-out, manic thrash
making them a favorite with the local punk crowd. Joceylin and I especially liked them. They were some of the youngest guys
playing in a punk band at the time. They were 15 or 16 and seemed to be having the time of their life. They got to play some
cool out of town gigs, [
see Berkeley flyer]. Original lead singer Dominic passed away several years ago and is greatly missed.
Danny Peckham stepped in and took up singing duties as the band continued to gig.
Danny Peckham-Vocals
Jeff Higgins-Guitar
Jeff Grenstead-Bass
Shawn Baird-Drums
Still involved in the Fresno punk scene to this day Shawn Baird and Jeff Grenstead had a band called the STRIKEOUTS and
another project called CODE OF SILENCE. They have a record label, Doubleup records where they have plans for other releases
in the future.

They recently put out a CD of the old CAMBODIAN KIDS titled
Gonna Be A War containing 17 songs recorded in 1982 and it
captures the punk juxtaposition of rawness and sincerity.

The 43-song
It Will Never Die compilation CD of BURNIN BOB, HARSH REALITY, NBJ and CAMBODIAN KIDS came out july, 2003
and was available at Tower Records in Fresno. Recordings and interviews from '81-'85 make this a must for anyone interested
in Fresno's punk rock history.

Dale Stewart
Cambodian Kids Fulton House 1983
L to R: Jeff Higgins-Guitar, Danny Peckham-Vocals, Shawn Baird-Drums, Jeff Grenstead-Bass
Minor Threat at The Fulton House in Downtown Fresno 1983
Minor Threat and MDC at the Clovis Warehouse 1982
Karnage, Cambodian Kids and A.D. Clovis Warehouse 1982