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KFSR Cattle Prod #3 1987
KFSR Cattle Prod
8.5x11 copied 6 pages free 1987
Mainly rotation lists, station happenings &
jokes but did cover some of the Fresno punk
scene bands and events. Similar to
Diary. Issue #3 mentions THE RAMONES,
X and a Top Ten Anti-School Songs list. 'Go
team, Go' -by THE FREEZE.
Brad 'VooDoo Banana' Rogers contributes.
Rich Mann editor: B is for Books, R is for
Radio, A is for Anarchy, I is for Internship,
N is for nuclear and S is for Study. Joe
Brody (
Joe Leggett?) reviews Jazz records
reminding the kids that there's lots more to
music than just the sub-genres of RocknRoll
KFSR wallowed in back in the 80's.