Raymond X-Ray Dog-Vocals
                                             Marcus Marootian-Keyboards
                                             Rick Reneau-Guitar
                                             Davey Fowler Blayney-Bass
                                             Wayne Garabedian-Drums
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a snappy dresser with a  brilliant smile who
seemed like a logical frontman.  Marcus knew
Davey Fowler from high school ,(they played in
school band together) and he was brought in to
play bass. Those wonderful Davey Fowler house
parties had been going on when DOG MEAT
formed, I remember seeing them play there. With
the keyboards and slower tempo it had a heavy,   
       post-punk feel similar to PIL but with more  
              of an arty/experimental edginess
                 thanks to Rick's masterful use of
                   feedback and Raymond's screaming
                     punk vocals. I remember a song
                       called  'French and Indian wars'.  
                        DOGMEAT rehearsed at the same
                            auto-body shop as the
                             SUBTRACTIONS. They played a
                                few gigs, the most notable  
                                  was opening for
Belmont Ballroom,
see photo from show)
                                     and house parties
                                     in '81-'82.
Raymond and Rick at the Bucket Fresno State 1981
Raymond X-Ray Dog and Steve Martineau at The Subtractions rehearsal body shop 1980
Photo by Rick Reneau
Marcus, Wayne and Rick from the SUBTRACTIONS
  hooked up with flambouyant Raymond X-Ray Dog,
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