Formed by Shawn Baird in the mid '80s after the breakup of BURNIN
BOB & THE BIG BOYS , EB started off with Dominic from the
CAMBODIAN KIDS on vocals.  But, shortly after that Craig Hardy took
over singing duties and the band continued on with a new
direction. Recording at Audio Image Recording with Gray Gregson
and at the On Broadway studios in Fresno, they had a unique style,
straddling punk and hard rock they called "Crunch Rock".

Kelly and Craig had both played in Visalia's MY THREE SONS,
a punk band in 1980.
Kelly also went on to play drums years later for
the last incarnation of

ERRATIK BEHAVIOR stayed together for several years playing a lot of
shows, including some at the
Old Town Saloon, (became Cadillac
Club) and the Olympic Tavern, (became Club Fred).
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Early version of Erratik Behavior with Dominic on vocals, Mark Smith on bass, Kelly Kamplain on drums
and Shawn Baird on guitar playing in Ralph's backyard near Minkler. About 1986.
Craig Hardy-Vocals
Shawn Baird-Guitar
Mark Smith-Bass
Kelly Kamplain-Drums
Erratik Behavior LtoR Kelly Kamplain-Drums, Craig Hardy-Vocals, Mark Smith-Bass,
Shawn Baird-Guitar. Photo by Perry Cooper