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Pam Rasmussen-Vocals
Davey Fowler Blayney-Guitar
Stan Farrington-Keyboard & Bass
Gilbert R. Gilbert-Bass
Don Rainbow-Drums
According to Mr. Bill of the now defunct, FISH MARKET was originally an all-girl
band. I don't know what that original line-up was
but, we know the members after the line-up change. The
new band members were an integral part of the early
Fresno punk scene although the band was based in the
Hanford-Lemoore area. That was where Stan of
NBJ, Gilbert
drummer lived. Don also owned a record store in Hanford
called Rainbow Records.
Pam was good friends with Joceylin when I first met
her. They were a part of the Reedley- Kingsburg
connection. A lot of the earliest punk afficianados
were from some of these small towns around Fresno:
Sanger, Kingsburg, Selma and Fowler.  
Ray Dog and Pam were dating when Jocey and I
first hooked up and the four of us hung out quite a
bit in '80-'81.
FISH MARKET played at the Rock Haven gig in 1985 opening for 45 GRAVE.
Guitarist Dave Blayney had some of the best and earliest
punk parties at his spread in Fowler, just south of Fresno.
Bands played, jam sessions were had and general mayhem
and mischief ensued. I owe him a debt of thanks for
letting my band,
CAPITOL PUNISHMENT  practice there
several times, and for being so kind in general... At one of
those parties as I was just a few blocks from the house I
was pulled over by a cop for a burned out tail light.
He ran a warrant check on me and found an old traffic ticket
that I had forgotten about. He took me to jail right then
and there. I was so bummed. Not because I was going to jail
so much but that I missed the party! While I was on my way
to jail, back the at the party they took up a collection for
my bail! Was that nice or what?
I'll never forget those parties at Davey Fowler's.   
Dale Stewart   punksnax at hotmail dot com
Thank you to
Mr. Bill for
the Fish
Dave Fowler Blayney - Guitar
Gilbert R. Gilbert - Bass
Stan Farrington - Bass, also played in NBJ
Pam Rasmussen - Vocals
Davey Fowler - Guitar
Don Rainbow - Drums
Flyer: Dale Stewart 1985