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I have been listening to the new KMJ 580am radio to see what's changed since they lost
all those national talk shows, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the others. The biggest
difference I heard was ads for national products are way down and nearly every ad I
heard was not only for local businesses, but for businesses who make it a point to be
Republican and tout conservative values in the commercial itself.

If I have a choice, I would rather spend my money at a place of business that reflects my
political affiliation. Businesses who advertise on KMJ seem to have the same philosophy.
But, the only problem with doing business with only Democrats or Republicans is that you
reduce your customer base by perhaps 50% or more, locking in potential failure.

February 2012, Dan Walters of The Bee wrote a column titled: GOP may want to rethink
it's message. It's still on my refrigerator. Bullet points were:

*  Meg Whitman's loss to Jerry Brown, despite outspending him by tens of millions of $.

*  Redistricting stole a whole bunch of gerrymandered districts from Republicans and
made them equally divided between registered Dem and Rep voters.

*  Voters decided to make CA budgets approved by a simple majority instead of the two-
thirds making the Republican minority even more powerless.

After the Fiscal Cliff agreement between the Republicans and Democrats yesterday the
stock market shot up 300 points. The NYT: Wall Street responds to deal with big gains.
But I heard the propagandists on KMJ and other right-wing talk shows poo-pooing the rise
in the markets. Delayed Xmas bump they said. Not restraint and uncertainty being
removed. Yet, uncertainty was what they whined about all last year. Uncertainty caused
by them blocking everything and anything Obama wanted. Even Hurricane Sandy Relief of
a mere 60 billion shot down by the Libertarian faction of the party because any spending
by the government is too much.

Staunch conservatives,
Rep. Peter King and Governor Christie both openly angered by
this Tea Party controlled Congress, complained about their refusal to give Hurricane Relief
when their constituents are devastated and cry out for federal funds to rebuild. These two
insiders know that it’s a lie to say the Federal Government is bankrupt. The USA is the
greatest, most wealthy corporation on the face of the earth. All our financial woes are
relatively easily solved.

Some of my liberal friends wonder why I listen to KMJ and Fox News. I want to know
what their arguments are because it’s those arguments in the marketplace of ideas that
will determine our future. If one side or the other is flawed on a particular issue it will
eventually come out and the American people will make the right decision.