8.5x11 copied 26 pages $1.50 1982
Lots of socio/political thought contained within many pages of collages assembled by Rob Mitchell. An
examination of the purpose of punk by Gregg Mitchell: A vehicle to bring about social change. A
satisfying slam of MTV. Editor Gary Shuster discusses punk on tv shows like Quincy, Donahue and
CHiPS. All those shows had widely watched episodes about punk rock in the early 80's. What tv show
had a punk band called PAIN? Blitz continued on for several years with distribution through Rough
Trade and Mordam.  
The Fresno Beef
8.5x11 copied 8 pages free 1984
Vence Barela's entry into the world of punk zine publishing with a story about a trip to San Luis Obispo,
stopping off to get fun-guy juice, with Mojo, Yoda, Tiffany, Vence, Marook, Rachel, Rick, Snoopy,
Matt, Hillsberry, Chuck and Shawn. (whew!) They went to see  
play a house party but it got shut down by the cops. What a party with those two bands!   
Bathroom Wall
11.5x15 offset newsprint 12 pages free 1989
Testing the limits of free speech this edgy zine had cool photography, professional layout and lots of
smutty, funny cartoons. One issue  looks as if it's a different zine called Danglecrank. Open it up, it's
actually Bathroom Wall #4! Lots of railing against other zines, lame record stores and sucky radio stations.
Favorite slag: 'Butt Cretins'. Comical and clever. Pre-CIRCUS BOGUS, Chief Horseman of the Apocalypse:
Jeff Purcell. Mike 1, Mike 2, Martin Reese,
Jaguar Bennett and Tim Biskup among others contribute.
KFSR Cattle Prod
8.5x11 copied 6 pages free 1987
Mainly rotation lists, station happenings & jokes but did cover some of the Fresno punk scene bands
and events. Similar to
Dead-Air Diary. Issue #3 mentions THE RAMONES, X and a Top Ten
Anti-School Songs list. 'Go team, Go' -by THE FREEZE. Brad 'VooDoo Banana' Rogers contributes.
Rich Mann editor: B is for Books, R is for Radio, A is for Anarchy, I is for Internship, N is for nuclear
and S is for Study. Joe Brody (Joe Leggett?) reviews Jazz records reminding the kids that there's lots
more to music than just the sub-genres of RocknRoll that
KFSR wallowed in back in the 80's.
Fish Punx
5.5x8.5 copied 20 pages $ .75 1986
Chad Salter and Paul Cruickshank had an epiphany after a couple fishin trips with Ralph Lotspeich &
crew.They saw a world where punk rock and fishing, rods & reels and slam-dancing were spiritually
entertwined. In the Hot Tips column a lightweight open face rod with 4-lb. test is recommended for
trout. Conversely, a bass setup uses a bait casting reel with 8-lb. test. Cool interview with John Doe of
X. Fish Punx went on to the larger 8.5x11 format with issue #2.
Fresno's Sound Source
8.5x11 offset newsprint 24 pages free 1988
Another Paul Cruickshank project bridging the gap between the various local scenes and the larger music
scene in general. Profesionally laid out with movie reviews and ads for some of the cooler businesses in
Fresno. Interviews and good photos with local bands such as
EXCHANGE and JADED HEART. National acts like L.A. GUNS also featured. Mike Niehoff, Jeff Clark,
Tom Cohen, Kevin Nelson, and Perry Cooper on staff.
Freszines page 1 2
Some people have commented over the years that Fresno didn't seem to have very many punk fanzines compared to other
scenes of similar size. It's true to a certain extent but, after researching the Stagedive archives I found that there were more
than I had thought. Here's a list and overview of Fresno punk fanzines. Some were short-lived, just an issue or two. Some
went on for years with many issues like Matt Dunlap's Stop Skate Harassment and Gregg Mitchell's and Gary Schuster's
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