The Gargoyle Press
8.5x11 copied 16 pages $1 1986
Stacy's wide-ranging zine printed on 11x17 paper, folded in half and center-stapled for a nice, clean
effect. But, with a "Miss Gargoyle" bikini contest next to Anarchist-monthly reprints next to lame
cover bands, then ads for even more unrelated businesses it seemed confused and unfocused. If it
were only that easy to unite all the various factions in the music/business/political world someone
would've done it before this zine was published.
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The Grunge
8.5x11 copied 34 pages $1.25 1990
Eye-popping clear plastic over flourescent pink paper for a cool effect. As the title suggests it had
lots of Grunge inside with stories about TAD and NIRVANA way before MTV jumped on it. But,
there was lots of punk stuff covered, too. And with some bands it's hard to tell whether they're
grunge, garage, punk or all of the above. Gregg Mitchell chimes in again about poitical activism.
Another project by prolific zinester
Matt Dunlap. Badass live band photos by Mike Waldhart of a
bloody GG ALLIN in SF, POISON IDEA and GWAR at
Gilman St. And THE MUMMIES at The
Olympic Tavern
Laughing Messiah
8.5x11 copied 24 pages $1 1982
Keith Calmes' zine with coverage of the local Fresno scene and lots of record reviews. Many live
reviews from gigs up and down California including a gig featuring TSOL, FLIPPER and THE
MAU MAUS at the Country Club in L.A. Rare interviews with local bands
Record reviews of THE GERMS' What we do is secret, MDC, THE VARUKERS' 'I don't wanna
be a victim' LP and
BAD BRAINS. Teen punk angst.
No Style
8.5x11 copied 2 pages free 1982
Amazing what a focused, motivated mind can do with just one sheet of paper.
Vence Barela's artful and neatly hand-lettered political-punk thoughts flow out like prose.
Urging punks to tear down the System (the bad guys), not our local scene (the good
guys). It makes even more sense twenty seven years later.
Stop Skate Harassment
8.5x11 copied 70 pages! $.75 1982
In my humble opinion this is the grandaddy of the 80's Fresno punk fanzines. Matt Dunlap kept
this zine going for several years with Gregg Mitchell writing a lot of the columns. It usually ran a
whopping 70 pages! Chocked full of photos of Fresno punks doing what they liked to do most:
skate and listen to punk rock. Great shots of Tony Tapian, Chuck Gillette and
Jon Hanks among many other skaters both famous and infamous doing all sorts of difficult skate
tricks. Lots of listings of other fanzines all around the world and live gig and record reviews.
The High Cost of the Cross
8.5x11 copied 22 pages $1 1989
Musician, writer and gig promoter Nate Berg's zine. This actually was/is a Bakersfield zine but,
Nate lived in Fresno for a long time (put on a lot of punk shows here) and continued to cover the
Fresno punk scene in his zine after he moved to Bakersfield. I remember several people,
including myself having lively philosophical debates with Nate. In High Cost he continues the
debate on issues concerning Generation Opposing Disaster and religion's place in society. Way
ahead of the atheist trend that is quite prevalent in the new millenium. Thoughful record reviews.
Issue number 5 (at left) has a great interview with
POISON IDEA. Musicians make the best interviewers.
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