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Together for only a year or so, starting in 1981, this all-girl lineup
got to play some cool gigs and really helped the Fresno scene get
started. Corrine and Gina started jamming together and Linda
was going to play keyboards but decided to sing instead. Cathy
was added on bass and they had a band. They had a new wave
influence but were punk enough to get on the
MRR comp. Punky
anti-war lyrics. The idea for their name came from a British all-girl
punk band called the
MODETTES and being frigid to society's
norms. Cute idea.

WRECKS from Reno, an all-girl punk band who was also on the
MRR Notsoquiet Comp played here in Fresno in 81 and the
FRIGIDETTES were gigging at the time. There was a great party
with the two girl bands.
At a recent TOXIC SHOCK reunion gig at the Starline Club three of the
FRIGIDETTES were there working the crowd up into some vintage
thrashing. Linda, Cathy and Gina had a great time seeing some of the old
friends from the 80s Fresno punk scene. Wish I woulda been there. I
wonder if there's a FRIGIDETTES reunion gig in the works?
Linda posted this video of The Frigidette's Turmoil from the MRR comp:
Linda Abrahamian-Vocals
Gina Arnold-Guitar
Cathy Pilibos-Bass
Corrine Diaz-Drums
I heard from Linda recently. She's living in L.A. and working as teacher. A lot of
us from the original punk scene showed up at The
Toxic Shock Farewell gig at
the Starline, Fri 28 May, 2010 for a great time with old friends.

Gina emailed recently with an update. She's a paralegal here in Fresburg.
Corrine is back in town after living in S.F. and Monterrey for 13 years.
Cathy is an attorney in San Francisco.
Cathy Pilobos-bass, Linda Abrahamian-vocals, Corrine Diaz-drums, Gina Arnold-guitar
Frigidettes at Woodward Park 1981 photo by
Matt Papaleo
Gina Arnold-guitar, Corrine Diaz-drums, Linda Abrahamian-vocals,
Cathy Pilobos-bass(off camera)  Roeding Park Amphitheater 1981
Frigidettes page in the maximumrocknroll compilation:
Not so quiet on the Western Front 1982
Woodward Park gig 1981
Roeding Park gig 1981