Formed in 1983 this band really captured the spirit of the cool British
punk bands of the day like
DISCHARGE and GBH.  But, the really interesting
thing about this band was Loren White, guitarist/leader.
Loren was quite a guy. Talented and good looking, he drove a totally cool
'62 Chevy hot rod. And he played in a happening punk band. He had to
beat the girls off with a stick.
At some point he started bleaching his hair brilliant white. And I think he
had it permed, too. Some people started calling him "Whitey".  Jocey and I
were pretty good friends with Loren as we lived near him. We always just
called him Loren cause we would see him in between the bleach jobs.
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I remember going to San Francisco with HR to record at Tom Mallon Studio, January '85. It was after Capitol
Punishment had recorded there a couple of times and I recommended it and they took me with them. HR
recorded 10 of the best versions of their songs at the time. After the recording session we went down to the
Cliff House and drank beer as we watched the waves crashing onto the rocks in the moonlight. It was windy as
hell and we made a little fire.

In the late 80's the band was put in a holding pattern while Loren searched for something else. A few years
later the band had a great reunion show at the Cadillac Club. Also on the bill was the
S.A.D. BOYZ and
BURNINBOB. What a great show that was! We can thank Jon Hanks for that one.
That gig in '94 went so well Loren started back working on HARSH REALITY all he could. But, this time the band
was a 3-piece with Loren as guitarist
and singer. Years had passed and his influences changed. I remember him
telling me about his new favorite band,
MARILYN MANSON. And I could hear it in the music, too. No longer the
simple British hc punk direction but a death-metal influence.

The most outrageous and tragic thing about this whole story is how Loren checked out. A security guard for
several years he mentioned his 9mm to me a few times though I never saw it. He meticulously planned his own
suicide to coincide with the release of his newest album! Photos were taken of him feigning doing the act,
holding the very same gun he would actually use to do himself in. Some months later he finally did it.

A few months after that the other guys from his band put the album out with the photo of Loren on the front
feigning suicide! Outrageous morbidity. Loren planned it that way.
He had the world on a string at one time but, that world became a weight on his shoulders that he could not
Many other musicians have followed a similar path.

I like to remember the positive stuff about Loren. The stuff I mentioned at the top. A guy that seemed on the
outside to be doing well. But I guess, inside he was a very unhappy guy.
Todd Sharp - Vocals
Loren White - Guitar
Turney Welsh - Bass
Steve Daniels - Drums

TODD SHARP  1967 - 2018