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Thee High Cost of the Cross #5 1990
The High Cost of the Cross
8.5x11 copied 22 pages $1 1989
Musician, writer and gig promoter
Nate Berg's zine. This actually
was/is a Bakersfield zine but, Nate
lived in Fresno for a long time (put
on a lot of punk shows here) and
continued to cover the Fresno
punk scene in his zine after he
moved to Bakersfield. I remember
several people, including myself
having lively philosophical debates
with Nate. In High Cost he
continues the debate on issues
concerning Generation Opposing
Disaster and religion's place in
society. Way ahead of the atheist
trend that is quite prevalent in the
new millenium. Thoughful record
reviews. Issue number 5 (at left)
has a great interview with
IDEA. Musicians make the best