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DIRTHEADS 1984 L to R: Jim Roberts-Vocals,
Mike Branum-Bass, Tod Sims-Drums, Keith McBride-Guitar
If you've been wondering what Jim Roberts has been up to all these years,
here's a clip of a play he was in a few years ago about
the Lincoln Assassination:
Big Jim and Brian Sale made the only semi-professional video of
CAPITOL PUNISHMENT, Elephant Man in 1985:
Big Jim "Autolube" Roberts-Vocals
Keith McBride-Guitar
Marty Woods-Bass
Mike Branum-Bass/Drums
Tod Sims-Drums
Jim Roberts levitating at the Clovis warehouse 1984:
Kaos opens for the Cirkle Jerks at the Wilson Theater Fresno 1984:
KYOS and DIRTHEADS had a song each on the HC'84 Comp. They
changed names a couple of times, made videos and played gigs
and parties in the mid-80's. Here's Frustration off that comp:
Kyos was another was another part of the Fresno-Madera
connection, along with
Mike Waldhart, Death Camp and
others. Jim had a car repair shop and was lead singer in KYOS.
His friend Russ had a killer JBL PA. Jim and Russ were the
kindest guys and really helped the Fresno punk scene with all
their efforts. They did the PA for gigs and rehearsals, shot
videos and fixed a lot of the Fresno punk's cars, too. One time
we were stranded over on the coast with a blown transmission
in the old bandstationwagon, a '72 Chrysler Town and Country
with a 455 hemi. Jim and Russ came all the way over to the
coast and brought us another transmission and installed it
right there in a motel parking lot! I'll never forget that
transmission rescue mission.
Dale Stewart
UPDATE! I just recently
hooked up with Jim
Roberts, March 2014 and
more content, including
videos of 80s Fresno punk
gigs is in the pipeline!
Jim Roberts formed Kyos in 1983 in Madera CA, in the San Joaquin Valley,
just north of Fresno. There were punk gigs happening in Fresno and if you
were playing punk rock you could probably get a gig there.
Jim bought some band gear, a PA and found some guys who were
interested in playing in a punk band. It didn't matter that they didn't
know how to play very well, they would learn how to do it. "Anybody
can get up on the stage"- A line from a
Spermbirds song that heralded
the Democratization of RocknRoll through Punk. Jim also arranged for
Brian Sale to shoot some video. Here is some of their early work, out in
the country with a pickup truck, irrigated fields and birds flying by in the
background. They got better as they gigged and rehearsed and changed
their name from Kyos to Kaos then The Dirtheads. The fact that 4 guys in
1983, out in the middle of nowhere, in the rural areas of Madera CA
decided to make a punk band and did their best to do it is quite fun.
They have a charm and honest passion that is missing from much of pop
music nowadays. Kyos in 1983 is an alternative view of 80s punk rock that
was usually associated with a more urban vibe.