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IN FRESNO   ds   27JUL12              3     
Verse-C-F-G-F-C-X4  Cho-F-G-F-C   F-G   
F-G-F-Am-G-F-C   Bridge  Fm-C-Fm-C-Am-G-F-C
Chased a job and left the bay
Drivin blind down that 99 highway
Sun so hot it dried the soul
Burn you out before you get old

We picked the Thompson seedless grapes
Laid to dry in the sun on paper trays
Work so hard we could barely make
Gave us grip to make it to another day

On the wire above a Mockingbird sings
He teeters as he flaps his wings
I see the wonder I see the light
Clear mornings cool breezes at night

Like the Mockingbird sings for just a time
Heat of the day chokes off his happy rhyme
Love grows among other things in Fresno
In Fresno
40 TRAINS A DAY   30dec04  ds   key A        12
Verse-A  Cho-A-C-D-E-G-Awalkup
It cuts through the heart and
the middle of town
Through city college campus it
mows ‘em down
For folks nearby it’s
a special hell

The horn screams
and now your awake
The house shakes
like a big earthquake
Like Dante’s inner rings
with a horn and a bell

The first thing here were those
railroad tracks
It’s a nineteenth century artifact
Junior died tryin to beat that train

Extreme pollution and sleep depravation
It’s an uphill battle for rail consolidation
Convenient tool for suicide
WATER WARS 17aug09  ds   keyG  V-Em-C-G-D   4
Em-C-G-A  rest-C/G  Cho-C-Gx3-Am  C-Gx2-Am-F-G  102bpm
Water wars are heating up
A strained alliance in a bitter cup
Whiskey’s for drinking and water’s for fightin
They said the mountain tops will surely fall
Civilization will end for all
But they made more this year
than they ever made

If the rain don’t fall
The crops don’t grow
Production moves away
Life goes on
And we’ll carry on
And somehow find a way

Flowing rivers and clear blue skies
Environmentalists are demonized
We need a lot less heat and a lot more light
Easy to hate when you have so much fear
Yet Ag production records set every year
Let’s get the truth about those water rights
STARVE THE BEAST   14JUL10  ds              6
V-Gb-A-D  CHO-D-A-Gb-AX4 Gb-F-A    104bpm
To help the weak and right the wrongs
I need my state to be very strong
Raise a tax to pay for it all
To benefit both big and small

Destroy the government
by making it weak
And it becomes ineffective
Then point and say I told you so
That’s the way that it usually goes

In my heart I hear a sound
The search for truth I have found
The voice of reason diversity

Sign a pledge not to raise a tax
And yet a tax would save the state
Starve the Beast and break it’s back
That’s the way they legislate
OCCUPY   10DEC11  ds                       7
v-G-F-C-Bb restC  Bb-Cx3  restG    100bpm
We walk the line the 99
The brunt of deregulation
We see the light shit ain’t right
They’re waging class-war
Through punitive legislation

The one percent never do without
As poverty grips the nation
The growing gap that’s where it’s at
On the move now gonna occupy

From Wall Street we hear the Tweets
From Main street to the Arab Spring
The voice of the people sayin occupy

From Mona’s tweets
we feel the heat
She told the story
from inside
They broke her arms
and they broke our hearts
The world is watching
we won’t be denied

We made the mark Zucotti Park
The burning man in Tunisia
In Tahrir Square our heart were there
We’re on the move now  gonna occupy
FROM THE START   22apr05 ds                  8
Intro-A-C-D-A   V-C-D   TURN-E-A-D E-D-A  104bpm  
86wc REST-E   CHO-G-Ebx2   REST-G
A thousand cuts All added up
Would surely kill though not one cut
was deep at all
To have a part right from the start
Then watch your reasons scatter and fall
It seems we’ve strayed
From the start we made
But when all the reasons why change
To feel by perception truth or deception
A hole in the heart or a hole in the head
If you lead with your heart
and you don’t look back
You just follow that train
you head right down the track
GOVERNATOR   ds   10feb05   118bpm   key E           9
Verse-E-G(3-chord bounce-bend)  Cho-G-Gb-B-C-B  
Flash a big grin as he rolls into town                       
Drivin his Humvee he waves all around
Governator How's your MPG?

When he works so hard to conceal
A child he fathered in a secret deal
Governator Shtuppin the help

A'Wheelin and a dealin in a smoke-filled tent
The smell of big bucks has a strong scent
His greatest role, all the state’s a stage   

Playing honest is his greatest part
Quid pro quo is a fine art
Get half a state to suspend disbelief

Said he can’t be bought cause he’s too rich
But constant fund-raising from special interests
Governator just blowing smoke

When he first got into office
Thought he weren’t too shabby
But the paparazzi caught him
And he looked real flabby
Governator we need to pump you up
SAY TOO MUCH   ds  31jan05   123bpm         10
(B-Inverted) Verse-B with Gb-G  CHO-C-E TURN-A-G-E
Sometimes I think I say too much
Puts me farther out of touch
Gets worse with every word I say
From the shadows come forth to try
A million needles but no reasons why

Trust I had
Turned out bad
Every stone was turned
Every bridge was burned
I have regrets
Can’t forget
WHICH WAY THE WIND BLOWS                  11
19mar05 ds    V-D-Bb-G-F   Cho-D-Bb-F
An ill wind blows
through our dusty valley today
From pollution that’s near
and from far away
Burning eyes and the smell of smoke
Step outside and you start to choke
A dangerous place to breathe
and yet we stay

Too many cars and trucks backed up
on the freeway
With new subdivisions it’s gonna get
worse everyday
Gas hogs are on the attack
There’s another SUV Cadillac
Veil of smog that hangs for days and days

Junk-Pile fire glows
What you breathe Nobody knows
Depends on
Which way the wind blows

Fire burns like the pits of hell
Will I gag from the acrid smell?
Depends on
Which way the wind blows
HARDEST WORK   ds   17feb04   160bpm          13
Intro-E-D-A   Verse-E-C-G-A/E-C-D-A   CHO-G-A   
REST-E   outtro-E-D-E
A real good job is hard to find
Brings satisfaction and purpose to life
If you love your work and your well-paid
There’s nothing like it you’ve got it made

But back-breaking work in the burning sun
For pennies a day just ain’t no fun
Racked with pain and your out of breath
Some folks are working their self to death

But the hardest work
is the mental kind

Its’ easy to make yourself get up and do
The toughest part is up to you
The train of thought is hard to ride
Beset with limits on every side

A real good thought is hard to find
Creative thinking is a mountain climb
Discipline to keep on coming back
The will to think and stay
on track

Cho 2   
A fresh idea   A brilliant mind
A good idea is hard to find
It’s the hardest work           
ds 18jan07  V-F-Bb-F-Gm-F-C-F   
Fetch a ball and never stop
Little velvet ears that flop
He’s a happy little pup and like no other

Likes to play and run and romp
Likes to jump and chew and chomp
He’s the bestest friend and like a little

Little Dude likes dog food
And he likes
his hambone, too
And he chases his own tail
And to please he never fails
Little Dude likes dog food

Everyday there’s something new
With new smells and things to do
Come and stay and sit and learn to mind
On my lap fast asleep
Or just sitting at my feet
I’m never alone with my buddy by my side
i THREW A SHOE     ds 18dec08          15
V-A-D-A-EX2  D-E-A   Bridge-D-E-AX3 Gbm-B-E  
Walkdown   96bpm
I threw a
shoe   A goodbye kiss
From me to you  It barely missed
I threw a kiss  It was a shoe
You ducked so quick  
I barely missed
A goodbye shoe

Shoes are m
ade for walking
Walking all over the town
Shoes are made for talking
I'll be glad when your not around             
You ducked so quick
I barely missed  
A goodbye shoe
TALIL TO TAJI     ds 10nov04 midP/U  dry        16
120bpm   Verse-Gb-E (ADDED 6th )   CHO-B-Gb-E
The month of Ramadan has just begun
Thought by now that the war would be won
Hauling gas from Talil to Taji

The right reason refusing orders
Death waits just across the border
No armor and IEDs

CHO   Talil to Taji

Gone to war on bad advice
Side-step the constitution
Disregard the Bill of Rights

It’s indictments wall to wall
It’s a culture of corruption
That Decider’s no good at all
CHATTERBOX   Johnny Thunders     5
Intro/Verse-Bb-G-DX3 turn-C-Bb-G    100bpm
Cho-F-G-DX3  C-Bb-G
I don't know where I'm going
Don't know where I been
If you could help me darlin
I'm gonna letcha

All boozed up
Got nowhere to go
Would be quite nice
On the telephone
Your a chatterbox
Yeah you squawk a lot
C'mon gimme some lips
Your a chatterbox

I call you up
Give me no lies
Comin to your home
On the chatter line
Words on the page
that fall from the heart
And fly on the wind
through the trees
The writer refrains
The author remains
The Dale Stewart Group 2015 - Chuck Otero-Mandolin, Mike Otero-Drums, Dale Stewart-Vocals and Guitar at Tower District Records 1MAR15
TIGER MAN  Rufus Thomas 1953 17  
key E  E-A-B  Rockabilly
V1  Well I'm the king of the jungle
they call me the Tiger Man x2
If you cross my path
You take your own life in your hands

V2 Well I get up on the mountain
And I call my Bearcat back...
way back x2
Well my hound dog come a'runnin'
But my bearcat stays way back  
Dave Vaughn - Drums on 40 Trains a Day
and a bunch of other songs.
KINGS OF CAUSE   1987 ds  key E     18
V-E-G-Bb-A-G-Gb  cho-B-Ax2
V1  It has to be all good
or it has to be all bad
I'm talking fast and loud
listen to me or I'll get mad
Don't ever try to criticize
the things I do or say
I am right tomorrow
and I am right today

Cho Paint yourself in and you can't get out
Say you don't want money
but money's all you talk about
I won't buy your product
and I won't back your cause
I'm not corrupt like
The Kings of Cause

V2 There's one born every minute
Idealistic youth
on a holy quest for the absolute truth
But things aren't always black and white
and pretentious ideals
fade in time and light
I'M THE MAN  Al Ferrier 1957  key A  19
A-D7-E  Rockabilly   108bpm
V1  I've got two whiskers on my chin
and a hair on my chest
when it comes to being a man
I'm one of the best
Don't treat me like a baby
Before you make me sore
I'm the man who found out
what goes on behind the green door

V2 Well they're rockin an a'rollin
and shaking that thing
a'boppin an a'jumpin
when they get in the swing
a'dancin an a'dinin and drinking their beer
the man who found out is sittin right here

Bridge   I'm the man the man the only man
and I really know the score
I'm the man the man the only man
the man who found out
what goes on behind the green door
Cover songs I have performed over the years
1   After the Goldrush-Neil Young
2   Avalon-Roxy Music
3   Big Deal-Dead Milkmen
4   Bonnie and Clyde-Serge Gainsbourg
5   Boss Hoss-The Sonics
6   Bright side of Life-Eric Idle
7   Chatterbox-Johnny Thunders
8   Chinese rocks-Johnny Thunders
9   Cinderella-The Sonics
10  Desolation row-Bob Dylan
11  Domino-Roy Orbison
12  Don’t fear the reaper-BOC
13  Fight 4 yer right to Party-Beastie Boys
14  Flowers on the wall-Statler Bros.
15  Folsom prison blues-Johnny Cash
16  For what it’s worth-Buffalo Springfield
17  Fortune Teller-Rolling Stones
18  Ghost riders in the sky-Johnny Cash
19  Gimme some truth-John Lennon/Gen X
20  Green onions-Booker T & the MGs
21  Hava Nagilah-Traditional
22  Honey Don’t-Carl Perkins
23  Horse with no name-America
24  I’m a man-Bo Diddley
25  I can see for miles-The Who
26  I wanna be your dog-The Stooges
27  Hangin on the telephone-Blondie
28  Heroes-Bowie
29  I’m the man-Al Ferrier
30  Hanky Panky-Tommy James
31  I only have eyes for you-Platters
32  I’m not like everybody else-Kinks
33  Lookin thru a windshield-Del Reeves
34  In Dreams-Roy Orbison
35  Jack the Ripper-Link Wray
36  Johnny Appleseed-Joe Strummer
37  Last Kiss-J Frank Wilson
38  Louie louie-Kingsmen
39  Love minus zero-Bob Dylan
40  Meathouse-Negative Trend
41  Memphis Tennessee-Chuck Berry
42  Miserlou-Dick Dale
43  More than this-Roxy music
44  My way-Sinatra/Sid vicious
45  My Favorite things-
Me first & the Gimme Gimmes
46  1969-Stooges
47  Needles and Pins-Searchers/Ramones
48  No Fun-Stooges
49  Pipeline-Chantays
50  Producers Milk song-Al Radka
51  Psycho-The Sonics
52  Punk Rock girl-Dead Milkmen
53  Rumble-Link Wray
54  Satisfaction-Stones
55  Satisfied mind-Porter Wagner
56  Search and Destroy–Stooges
57  Sand and foam-Donovan
58  Secret agent man-PF Sloan
59  Shape of things to come-Max Frost&Troopers
60  Silver Dagger-Joan Baez
61  Six days on the road-Dick Curless
62  Sleepwalk-Santo and Johnny
63  Somewhere over the Rainbow-Garland/Me First
64  Sonic Reducer-Dead Boys
65  Strychnine-The Sonics
66  Sukiyaki-Kyu Sakamoto
67  Summertime Blues-Eddie Cochran
68  Surfin bird-Trashmen
69  Take me back to Woodstock-The Mad Daddys
70  Taste of Honey-Beatles
71  The way I walk-Jack Scott
72  This Land is your land-Woody Guthrie
73  Time has come today-Chambers Bros.
74  Tombstone every mile-Dick Curless
75  Union Maid-Woody Guthrie
76  You don’t know me-Ray Charles
Songs I have written 1979-2014  154 songs
2008-2014  Dale Stewart
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VEGAN SUPER POWERS  ds 30mar13        1    
D-tuned Verse-Eb-Fx3 turn/rest-G(5thfret)  
Cho-Bb-Eb-F turn-G  
Don’t kill me love me So far above me
Got a mother and a face
So much to give I wanna live
Make a better place
Don't possess me or oppress me
Every word is true
You have the light to make things right
It's up to you

With  Vegan  Super  Powers

Don't celebrate killing or hate
In everything you do
Like Elvis said don't be cruel
Eat less meat go veg one day a week
It's not that hard to do
Liberate yourself and everything else
It's up yo you
AUTHOR REMAINS                              2
music-ds  lyrics-jack kahn 2013
D-Tuned V-D-C-B-C-DX2 CHO-A-D
Streams seek streams form rivers
keep moving
Bending - flowing - today
Desire drinks makes pools then streams
In which we swim and play

Desert winds blow
fire swarms cover footsteps
That show that we were once here
Hidden creatures ascend from holes
Rage in scales they learned
to shape water