Fresno Compilation CD $10
I recorded all the bands except The
Assault and Wawona Boys Choir in the
summer of '84 at the Barstow ave.
warehouse where we had some gigs in
'82-'83. 22 tracks from 13 punk bands
F from Fresno and outlying areas. Includes
complete lyrics of all 22 songs, band
photos and gig flyers in 8-page full color
booklet. $10 includes shipping and
handling in the USA.

37:16 scd#0416  Buy using PayPal:
BACKSTORY - Vile Archives CD $7
A musical illustration of the development
of punk throughout the protopunk era:
1950s-1970s. A ten song tribute to the
pioneers of punk rock. Covers of Link
Wray, The Sonics, The Stooges, Johnny
Thunders, The New York Dolls and The
Dead Boys. 10 tracks.
$7 includes shipping and handling in the
22:57 scd#0215  Buy using PayPal:
THE GIMBALS - Steady on high Cs CD $7
Five original songs of raging hardcore
punk about police brutality, deceit,
peer-pressure and dying young. Recorded
August 1999 with complete lyrics. 5 tracks.
$7 includes shipping and handling.

7:29 scd#999  Buy using PayPal:
In the Beginning CD  $10
Recordings from 1981 document the
earliest stage of this seminal Fresno CA
punk band. Live off the mixing board,
rehearsals, interviews and
rememberances included with complete
lyrics and many photos in an 8-page, full
color booklet.
$10 includes shipping and handling.

17 tracks.  35:17 scd#0819  Buy using PayPal:
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Water Wars CD $10
My electrified political folk battles the
same dragons as in the days of '80s
punk but with some different styles and
instrumentation. With a couple of covers
and some instrumentals this 18-song CD
represents several years of writing,
rehearsing and recording. From what I
have seen around these parts, it
compels me to speak out on political and
cultural issues, adding my point of view
to the discussion. I love being a part of
the community of souls walking through
this earth. Includes lyrics. 18 tracks.  $10
includes shipping and handling in the
scd#1122  51:04
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Vintage Fresno CA Hardcore logo  
from 1986. Black 100% cotton
w/white ink. Available in small - 2x
large. Hand screened. Medium size
shown, model is 5'7" and 140 lbs.
$15 includes shipping and handling
inside the USA  $32 Europe.

scpt #1239b
Buy using PayPal:
 CD  $10
We recorded El Salvador at Trac
Recording for the
Not so Quiet on the
Western Front Comp, but we also
recorded 8 other songs that day.
On Trac/Mab/Ruthies I have restored
El Salvador to the mix to bring all 9
songs back into this document. Plus
the Live sets from The Mabuhay and
Ruthie's Inn gigs in 1982. Includes
complete lyrics, flyers, photos and art
in 8-page full-color booklet.
$10 includes shipping and handling
inside the USA.

32:35  sdcd #1552
Buy using PayPal:
Trac Recording Studio Fresno 20MAR82
1 -
Advertise and Victimize 1:18
2 - Just stand up and Fight 2:00
3 - El Salvador 1:16
4 - Dirty Work 1:07
5 - No ID No Beer :55
6 - Clovis 1:08
7 - Monkey 1:15
8 - Moral Majority 1:15
9 - American Way 1:29
Mabuhay Gardens San Francisco 14JAN82
10 -
Big Deal 1:47
11 - Mindless 1:13
12 - No ID No Beer 1:00
13 - Living is a Lie 1:29
14 - Moral Majority 1:42
15 - American Way  :54
16 - Drugs 1:56
17 - Assassinate :41
Ruthie’s Inn Berkeley 26MAR82
18 - Blind Patriotism 1:18
19 - Who Makes the Rules? :59
20 - Moral Majority 1:44
21 - Mindless 1:13
22 - Clovis 1:17
23 - Scared Monkey 1:20
24 - El Salvador 1:29
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Stagedive Logo Black shirt w/white
ink. $15.
 100% cotton Gildan shirt.
Available in small - 2x large. Hand
screened. Large size shown, model is
5'7" and 145 lbs.
$15 includes shipping and handling
inside the USA.
sdt #1565b
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7X8.5 Offset 78 pages $6
With the 10 thousand word definitive
history of Fresno's Subtractions and
many never before published photos
this zine is a must for collectors of
Fresno-centric rocknroll history.
This piece led to the release on
Hozac Records of the
1980 4-Song 7-inch EP.
sdz #1566  Out of Print
You can contact me at: punksnax@hotmail.com
5X5 120 pages 179 Images Full Color + Hardcore '84 CD
13 Bands 22 Tracks Recorded in 1984 $20

I tell the story of 80s Fresno Punk through gig flyers,
record, tape and CD covers, band logos for t-shirts,
stickers and ads. 40 years of homemade grafic art. Totally
DIY, printed and bound by the author. Working in record
stores, running a record label and playing in gigging
bands has given me the opportunity to create much grafic
art over the years. Updated w/new pages 2019!
$20 includes shipping and handling inside the USA.
Buy using PayPal:
stagedive records
sputter musick media
a division of daleco
When Putsch Comes to Shove  
Studio Recordings 1983-1986  $10
The songs on this CD are from the 3
vinyl releases Jody, Putsch and Slum.
Included for the first time are the 5
outtake songs that have been
unreleased. Focus on the 3 recording
sessions at the 2 studios: Tom Mallon
in SF in '83 and '85 and Audio Image
in Fresno in '86.  Included for the first
time are the complete lyrics, outtakes
and photos in an 8-page full-color
booklet. $10 includes shipping and
handling inside the USA. Europe $13

60:32  CD #1770 Buy using PayPal:
1 - Two Party System 1:27
2 - Wrong Direction 1:22
3 -
Killer Cop :55
4 - Jody is my Bloody Love 5:07
5 - Scream Until I Bleed :57*

6  -  Ballad of a Broken Home 2:15  
7  -  Capitol Punishment 1:23
9  -  Walking Crying Dying 1:06
10 -
Elephant Man 1:54
11 - God of Greed 1:11
12 - Racism is Ignorance 1:12
13 - Is This Justice 1:22
14 -
Smile :57
15 - Flying Fists and Vicious Kicks 1:05*
16 - Smash Your Head 2:27*
17 - Poke me with a Fork, I'm Done 1:19

18 - Fuhrer Des Punk 2:08
19 - Huelga 2:28
20 - Breakfast in Bedlam 2:44
21 - Out on the Fringe 1:26
22 - Show Me 1:52
23 - Feast or Famine 2:40*
24 - Slum with a View 2:31
25 - Imelda's Shoes  2:01

26 - No Bedwetting in El Paso 2:50
27 - Concrete Forest 3:02
28 - What's the Use? 3:04*
29 - Jack/Dream 5:46

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CD 15 Tracks Recorded in 2017 $10
I knew Keith when he was a teenager playing in a punk
rock band in Fresno in the early 80s. He went away to
college, got several degrees and became an accomplished
Classical Guitarist and author of 2 Mel Bay instruction
books. He wanted to connect with his punk rock roots
through Surf Guitar music and here it is: 15 of the best of
Classic Surf Guitar tunes played on Classical Guitar!
$10 includes shipping and handling inside the USA
Europe $13. Buy using PayPal:
1. Apache 2:48
2. Mr. Moto 2:00
3. Telstar 2:41
4. In the Dark 4:16
5. Cruel Sea 2:32
6. Out of Limits 2:07
7. Ghost Riders in the Sky 2:31
8. Perfidia 2:10
9. Diamond Head 1:57
10. Penetration 2:00
11. Peace Pipe 2:02
12. Pipeline 2:19
13. Walk, Don’t Run 1:57
14. Fear 1:43
15. Surf Rider 2:56

Total Time: 36:06
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Rickey and the Slags  Rehearsal
24OCT17  Photo: Cory Linstrum
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Vinyl 33RPM 3 Tracks Recorded in 1979 $8
3 song demo recorded on cassette by
Rickey Lee Reneau-Guitar and Vocals
Dave Propp-Guitar and Richard Wineland Bass.
No Drums, raw proto-punk artifact of the early Fresno
Punk Scene. "Anyone interested in punk call me" the ad
Rickey had posted in the classifieds said. Dave Propp
answered and along with Richard they began to jam and
work out the songs for a punk band. Buddy Holly's "Maybe
Baby" was one of the first songs that set the direction for
the two originals on this 7-inch, "Sally Sue" and "Baby
Baby". Dave Propp went on to play Bass in Sado Nation
and Rickey and Richard went on to form the Subtractions.
$8 includes shipping and handling inside the USA
Europe $12. Buy using PayPal:
Shipping Destinations
1-Chatterbox 2:17  
2-Water Wars 4:13   
3-40 Trains a Day 3:10
4-Starve the Beast 3:05   
5-Occupy 3:08   
6-Buying Stock 2:30
7-Itty Bitty Tax Cut :40   
8-Little Dude Likes Dog Food 2:53
9-Bonnie and Clyde 2:49   
10-I Threw a Shoe 3:18
11-From the Start 2:51   
12-Governator 3:00   
13-Sukiyaki 2:36
14-Bright Side of Life 2:14   
15-Vegan Super Powers 2:26
Tulare Lake 3:02   
17-Flatlanders 3:23   
18-True and Faithful 3:19
1- Last Laugh 2:37
2- No ID No Beer 1:14
3- Book of Deceit 2:23
4- Socialized Sucker 1:15
5- Christian Slander 2:50
6- Living is a lie 1:41
7- Clovis is a way of life 1:35
8- Who makes the rules? 1:02
9- Big Deal 1:54
10- No ID No Beer 1:08
11- Just a Pawn in the game :49
12- End it now 1:17
13- Last Laugh 2:29
14- After Words 1:07
15- Interview with Dog Meat and 6SIX6 2:48
16- Interview with NBJ and others 5:21
17- Cops bust up party 3:40
1-Walking Crying Dying 1:08   Capitol Punishment-Fresno
2-Capitol Punishment  1:18      "            "
3-Big Deal 2:04                       "            "
4-Homophobia 1:29                  Think Tank-Fresno
5-Jane Fonda Genocide 2:17      "         "
6-Don't Pose 1:49                      "         "
7-Deathwish :39                         Primer Grey-Bakersfield
8-Drugs In My Pocket :55           "            "
9-Hey You! 1:26                           "            "
10-Ronald Reagan 1:21            Harsh Reality-Fresno
11-Next World War 1:16             "           "
12-Senseless Disruption 1:27    Death Camp-Madera
13-New Society 1:21                   "           "
14-Hick Song 1:03             Burnin Bob & the Big Boys-Fresno
15-Easy to Kill 2:29            "            "                 "      "       
16-Frustration 2:21                       Kyos-Madera
17-Beer Beer Beer 1:26               Dirtheads-Madera
18-Cheap Ambition 1:55           Mere Mortals-San Luis Obispo
19-Peacemaker 1:05                    Assault-Santa Maria
20-Pigs in Drag 2:29                    Problem Fish-Merced
21-Freedom 2:25                          No Label-Modesto
22-Factory 2:54                   Wawona Boys Choir-Yosemite
1-Sonic Reducer
2-Chinese Rocks
3-No Fun
5-The Witch
6-Born to Lose
7-Search and Destroy
8-Ace of Spades
9-Take Me Back
10-My Way
1-Abner's Agony
3-I Won't Submit
4-Don't Panic
5-Die Young
CAPITOL PUNISHMENT  Trac Session 7-inch EP
1982  33RPM  Black Vinyl  Selfless Records $17
The first time we had ever been in a pro recording
studio we went to Stan Anderson's Trac Recording on
Maple ave in Fresno because Tim Yohannan was
putting together the Maximum RocknRoll Compilation,
Not So Quiet on the Western Front. 'El Salvador'
made it onto that album but we also recorded 8 other
songs that day. In 1993 Selfless Records out of
Dallas, Texas released those songs on this 7-inch EP.
I just found some brand new copies and they're now
available. Signed by Dale and Joceylin. In either
Green or Red sleeve.
$17 includes shipping and handling inside the USA.

Europe/Canada $27  #cptrac7-7319
Buy using PayPal:
1. Moral Majority 1:48
2. American Way 1:27
3. Advertise and Victimize 1:18
4. Just Stand Up and Fight 2:01
Side 2
5. Dirty Work 1:07
6. No ID - No Beer :55
7. Clovis 1:08
8. Monkey 1:15
Total Time 11:04
Side 1                              
1-Manumit 3:59             
2-Daggers 2:19              
3-7 Lucky 3:25
4-Postman 4:35
5-Ethnic Cleansing 2:40
6-Cenobite Stomp 2:10
Side 1
1-Two Hands 2:14
2-Nytro :45           
3-Fire& Brimstone 3:25
4-Bulwarks 3:11
5-Heavymetalmeltdown 3:54
6-The Pug 3:53

1993 We Bite Records #WB2-102-2  New Old Stock $8
So much good songwriting on this album. Manumit is one of thee best
songs I ever wrote and fit perfectly with the skills the other players
brought to the project. Unique and quirky song ideas poured into the
cauldron of HC Punk. Drummer Willy Greer brought several,
wonderfully complex song riffs that took much effort to play. Lead
Singer Harvey Moody brought some very dark and crazy lyrics that
were new and poignant. Complete lyrics in 8-Page color Booklet.  
$8 includes Shipping and Handling.
Buy using PayPal:
1-Manumit 3:59             
2-Daggers 2:19              
3-7 Lucky 3:25
4-Postman 4:35
5-Ethnic Cleansing 2:40
6-Cenobite Stomp 2:10

1988 We Bite Records #WB39 New Old Stock $14
4 wonderful Songs and a Glorious foldout sleeve into a 14X14
Psychoacoustic fantasy etching by Tim Biskup.
Recorded at Audio Image by Gray Gregson. Black vinyl.
$14 Includes Shiping and Handling. Buy using PayPal:
Side Ant
1-Severin 1:33             
2-Everyday my life 1:58

1995 We Bite Records  #WB2-131-2 New Old Stock $5
Recorded and mixed by Steve Kravac at Westbeach
Recorders, 6035 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles.
It was way cool to record there. Historical recording studio going back to
the 1940s. They did some Direct-to-Disc recording of bands in that venue.
From the parking lot of Westbeach you could see the Capitol Records
Tower AND the Scientology building.
Cool place. Honored to have recorded there. This was the last recording
Capitol Punishment ever made and because of that it is special. Complete
Lyrics in 8-Page Color Booklet. 15 Songs.
$5 Includes Shipping and Handling.
Buy using PayPal:
1-Play at the Plate 2:12
2-Father's Day 3:55
3-OJ Cobain 2:44
4-Gotta Run 2:23
5-Sometimes a Scream 2:47
6-Old Punk 2:11
7-Calgon 3:03
8-Under the Weather 2:45
9-The Fear 2:17
10-D.L.G. 2:32
11-Mountain of Pain 3:11
12-Friends you Thought 3:02
13-Chain of Mistakes 3:44
14-Mister Softee 3:50
15-Chunkychunkenheimer 3:28
Side 2
7-I'm not Like 3:04
8-Tick tick tick 2:42
9-It's gotta Come 2:25
10-Fart Song 1:33
11-The Anti-Christ 2:36
12-Down 4:44
7-I'm not Like 3:04
8-Tick tick tick 2:42
9-It's gotta Come 2:25
10-Your Farts are like 1:33
11-The Anti-Christ 2:36
12-Down 4:44
Side 2
7-We're not a Soundtrack 2:55            
8-I'm Hungry 3:40              
9-Bad Girl 2:03
10-Count the Basies 3:59
11-Strychnine 2:49
12-Jackknifed Rig 2:57
Side Bee
3-Shepherd 1:26
4-George Cloud 2:42
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Shipping Destinations
Shipping Destinations
Shipping Destinations
Keith Calmes on Guitar with his Rockabilly band,
Shifty and the Gears
1993 We Bite Records #WB2-102-1  New Old Stock $16
First time for all of us to record at Westbeach Recorders in
Hollywood, a top-notch studio, thank you Thomas Issler.
Donnell Cameron was at the mixing board and they had
top-of-the-line vintage recording gear. We had some great
songs and were well-rehearsed. What could go wrong?
Well...I had a bitter falling-out with the Lead Singer before the
mixdown was finalized and he threatened to sue We Bite
Records so we brought in a new lead singer to re-record the
lead vocals. I insisted on a compromise: That half the songs be
with the old singer and half be with the new singer. So, new
singer Jimi Haze sang songs 1-6 and Harvey Moody sang
songs 7-12. Complete lyrics included. $16 includes Messiah
LP+CD and Shipping and Handling. Buy using PayPal:

1989 We Bite Records #WB055 New Old Stock $14
This was the first Post-Ralph and Mike version of the band that
was formed in 1988 after the breakup on the '87 European Tour.
Two Hands was about constantly being too busy. Fire and
Brimstone was a treatise against organized religion, a subject we
covered with regularity in Capitol Punishment. My fave on this
album is We're not a Soundtrack for Violence. By '89 the
slam-dancing had gotten so over the top violent at some gigs I felt
it was worth addressing. Boy, did they resent that! They wanted to
be as mean and nasty as they wanted to be and no one was gonna
tell them how to behave at a HC gig. Complete lyrics printed on
inner sleeve. Black vinyl. $14 includes Shipping and Handling. Buy
using PayPal:
1983 Rave-Up Records Vol.86 $30
The long-awaited full-length LP by Fresno's NBJ has been
released on Italian label
Rave-Up Records. Known for their
shocking name and the anarchist anthem “Dead Porker” from the
1982 compilation “Not So Quiet On The Western Front”, they
featured the late great Annelle Zingarelli as one of the wildest
female vocalist of California hardcore. Their music was influenced
by the Germs and Flipper and was a blend of savage rock’n’roll
and Black Sabbath-like doom marches. They shared the stage
with Black Flag, Minor Threat and Circle Jerks and were a Jello
Biafra favorite. Includes interviews with band members and punks
from back in the day and tracks from their demo, recorded in
1983 and never released due to the tragic passing of Annelle at
only 22 years old. $30 includes Shipping & Handling in the USA.

Destination: USA
Side A                              
1-One way love affair             
2-Dead Porker             
4-Dream Victim
5-Realistic Dreams
6-Sudden Impulse
Side B
1-Down Under
2-Last Time
3-What Have I Done?
4-A Love Song
5-Last Train to Clarksville
6-Devil's Playground
1984-2009 Centredivider Recordings CR-015 $7
Harsh Reality CD with 34 songs spanning
25 years from 1984-2009 on Centredivider
Recordings is now available.
Todd "Spot" Sharp • vocals
Loren "Whitey" White • guitars
Steve Daniels • drums
Turney Welsh • bass
Rick Struhar • bass
Gary "Smiley" Baxter • bass
Gabriel Rowland • drums
Steven Garcia • guitars
Josh Rocha • guitars
joэ ∂oωиυяє • drums
$7 includes Shipping & Handling in the USA.
Buy using PayPal:
2021 Lynx Rufus Recordings LRR005 $12
From Fresno's first gigging hardcore punk band.
Recorded at JR's Auto Body Fresno CA 1980.
Top notch recording and mastering makes this cassette
loud and clear. Analogue tape transfer at JT Recorders
Oakland CA. Very high quality design and Pro printing!
with lots of inserts/stickers/info. Each cassette is
hand-numbered. #LRR005
Marcus Marootian - Vocals
Rickey Reneau - Guitar
Richard Wineland - Bass
Wayne Garabedian - Drums
$12 includes Shipping & Handling in the USA.

Side A                              
1-Modern Kids
2-Lethargy Attack
3-I Don't Care
Side B
1-Young Girl
2-On the Verge
3-I'm the Slime