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Skin - vocals and guitar
Paul Ruxton - electric piano
Jim Eastwood - bass
John Paulsen - drums
THE PROLETARIATS formed in 1979 and played the Freakers Ball show at the Cherry Avenue Hall with the SUBTRACTIONS and
. In the next year founding members drummer John Paulsen and keyboardist Paul Ruxton got a
new guitarist, Mick Goodenough, Talan Memmot from the COOKS on bass and
Danny Zingarelli, (brother of Annelle of NBJ)
on vocals. The new name was the DIRECTIONS and the material was more new wave. They gigged a lot around Fresno
starting with a show at Fresno City College with the SUBS and
WENDY AND THE TWITCH. And on to many shows at the Wild
Blue Yonder, Old Town Saloon, West Coast Images, CSUF including opening shows for TRANSLATOR and THE CALL.

At NBJ's last gig on Oct 12, 1983 (opening for the CIRCLE JERKS at the Wilson Theater)  Annelle was joined on stage with
brother Danny and John Paulsen to do backups for her rendering of "Last train to Clarkesville". A great time was had by all.

In 1983 the DIRECTIONS moved to the coast and soon after John the drummer left the band. They continued on into
alternative pop rock under the name PROCESSION. With several personnel changes, Paul, Danny and the band lived in San
Francisco and gigged as MONKY HOUSE.

John Paulsen and Talan Memmot formed several other bands over the years in Fresno, SF and Santa Cruz, including

These were some of the earliest people in the first Fresno punk scene and attended the memorable 999/DICKIES show at
the Warnor's Theater and the big
DEAD KENNEDYS show at the Belmont Ballroom in 1980.

Here is an 8mm film from that DEAD KENNEDYS and the BLACK FLAG show shot by
James Acomb: