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These shows from 1984 were two of the best of the 80's fresno punk
scene. Rock Haven was a big house with a dance hall out back that could
hold about 150 people and was made entirely out of River rock. It was
quite unusual and I think it’s still out there on the corner of Peach and
North avenues, south of Fresno. A Thursday and Friday night, back to
back gigs, headlined by 45 Grave from LA and Tales of Terror from
Sacto one night, then The DKs from SF and The Freeze from Boston the
night. Also, 6 local bands played support over the two nights. I made
the flyer and helped put the show together. I remember thinking how
short everyone in
45 Grave was compared to how they looked on tv's
New Wave Theater. Red John's first gig after moving to Fresno.