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In 1991 SAD BOYZ put out a 7-inch EP on Ragin Records. A limited edition of 500 on beer colored
vinyl. Recorded by
Gray Gregson at Audio Image Recording ( a lot of Fresno punk bands late 80's
to mid 90's recorded there ) the four songs were: Mama's boy, Don't deserve to live, World tied in
knots and Better way out.
Steve "Mojo" Madrigal-vocals
John Sargentini-guitar
Steve Garcia-guitar
Rick Struhar-bass
Steve Daniels-drums
One of the coolest and baddest-assed bands to erupt from the Fresno area,the SAD BOYZ came
to prominence and popularity through hard work and bristling talent. Led by frontman Mojo,
everyone felt the integrity of this hardcore punk band. There was nothing disengenuous about
SAD BOYZ. When they sang "Shut up and drink" it had a fierce ring of sincerity that was
undeniable to the Fresno punks.  True street punks with a major Fresno following they played
many great shows in town and out of town.
In 1989, for the Shredder comp, SAD BOYZ recorded 7 songs. I like these earlier recordings a little
more. The songs were, Shut up and Drink, Better way out, Trying to fit in, Miserable Monster,
New Breed,  No ID No Beer(a CP/HARSH REALITY song) and Black Sunrise.
S.A.D. BOYZ  L to R: Steve Garcia-Guitar, Rick Struhar-Bass, John Sargentini-Guitar, Mojo-Vocals
Steve Daniels-Drums
Final Threat featuring Mojo on vocals at the Starline in Fresno 2011. It was great to
Mojo back on stage several months ago singing some of those signature songs like
'Mama's boy', 'Better way out' and the Fresno punk theme song 'Shut up and drink'.
Jimi and Mojo Knights of Columbus 1980s
Mojo and Chuck The Fulton House 1983