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Chauncy Renford-vocals & keyboards
Talan 'Riff Motor' Memmott-guitar
Gregg Slater-bass
Several people who were in some of
these bands way back when
have contacted me because they
were in one of the bands. I haven't
heard from some of them for upwards
of twenty years.  I'm blown away with
what has happened to some of these
folks. I knew them briefly when they
were teenage punk musicians. Some
of them have gone on to fantastic
success in one field or another,
mostly relating to music/art.

Talan Memmott is one of those guys
that just blows me away.
Successful artist, musician, writer and
film maker. He's also an award winning
web designer and speaker.

His web site is at:

other links:
S.O.C. gigged in the Fresno area
1980-1981. They played the
Fresno Freakers
Ball at the Cherry Avenue Hall opening for
SUBTRACTIONS and I remember them
playing at the big
DEAD KENNEDYS show at the Belmont
Ballroom in
1980. Teenagers who sometimes
performed in Chef's outfits, SHORT ORDER
COOKS had an effective visual impact. They
were quite unusual for the time. A mixture
of wave, punk and performance art.
Wineland (SUBS bass/gig promoter) really
liked them and put them on the bill
whenever he could.
Short Order Cooks 1980:  Gregg Slater-Bass  Chauncey Renford-Vocals  Shazam!-Drums  Talan Memmott-Guitar
After SOC Gregg Slater shifted from bass to
keyboard and started creating ambient
music. In the late 80s he had a project with
Tim Biskup called the Insight of Blindness.  
They released a cassette called Blackball
with silkscreened art on
Duck Butter
Records. Gregg continues to today making
sound textures in a collaboration with
Robert Messner in a project called
Occurrences in Rain.
The Mapmaker's Dilemma is Gregg Slater's
cool blog and has some of his art and
poetry posted there.