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SV played a lot of gigs in Central
In 1992 they put out a 4-song
7-inch EP
on Ragin Records,  'No bar too far'.   
And as an answer to the SAD BOYZ'  
beer-colored vinyl, SV's was
vodka-colored vinyl. (clear vinyl ) The
songs were:
No Bar too far, Alone, That damn drum
Perfucked society. Recorded by
Gregson at A.I.R. Studio in Fresno
June, 1991.
Eric and I were good friends
throughout high school and in like
85/86 we started a band called Chronic
Insanity.  We practiced in Eric's Garage
at the house he grew up in, in Clovis
off Polasky.  Eric on Guitar (and the
comment you make about the sincerity
of his style is dead on) me on bass,
Jerry hudson on drums, and Delton
Kearns as well as Scott Chandler doing
vocals (exactly which was based on who
was around at the moment)  
Brian "Yapple" Ruelas played with us a
lot too.  I was a horrible bassist and
after a while I quit.  Chronic Insanity
never really got it together but the
guys did not stop writing and jamming.  
Eventually Slut Vinyl was formed, with
Eric, Jerry, Kevin Johnson on bass, and
Scott and or Delton on vox.  With
niether Scott nor Delton providing
consistent commitment they eventually
asked me if I wanted to take a shot at
it.  With help from the three of them I
became the singer of Slut Vinyl for the
better part of 87/88.  We played several
shows in and around Fresno.
continued..... `
SLUT VINYL eventually became a
three-piece with Kevin as
bassist/singer. Their first gig was at the
Knights of Columbus opening for FANG
and the  
SAD BOYZ .  Eric had a totally
cool style of playing that was so sincere.
Combining elements of metal, garage
and punk, I got the feeling he didn't
know how good he was.  He had a
rhythmic head banging as he played, ala
Angus Young that clearly got the point
across to me that he deeply felt the
groove, a quality sometimes missing in
I recently heard from Robert Gamble
who was there at the forming stages of
the band and did eventually become
lead singer of Slut Vinyl.
He writes:
We even hooked up with a guy (a dude Eric's sister was dating) who was a
local promoter of rap and R&B.  He hooked us up with the biggest, best
produced, best promoted show we had played up to that time.  After the
show he promised us time in his studio later that week.  I remember how
blown up he was with our performance and at the same time confounded by
us crazy white kids from Clovis.  His name was Mark and after that show he
was murdered outside of the AMPM on Ashland at Cedar by a guy with a 38.
after an argument which stemmed from them bumping into one another as
one entered and one left the store.  A perfect example of the spontaineous
crazy that is Fresno.  After Mark's death we continued on but the
momentum we had built up did not last.
I left the band in late 88/early 89 for no good reason and that was when
they became the trio, later adding Turtle as the bassist and Kevin becoming
full time vox.

Good or bad,  I will always recall these times with great fondness.  
My world view today was shaped in many ways by my Fresno years.  
- Robert Gamble
Kevin went on to play in several
other bands including FROZEN
GREEN and FASTBACK 69. Excellent
singer, nice guy and hella plumber.

Jerry Hudson
went on to play in the
DITCHBANK OKIES, a popular and
successful band from Fresno in the
90's. Cool cow-punk.

I put on 3 gigs at the Community
Link in 1989, this was one of them.
There was also the
Plaid Retina/Green Day show
and the MDC show.
Robert Gamble-Vocals
Kevin Johnson-Bass/Vocals
Eric Ehat-Guitar
Jerry Hudson-Drums
Eric and Angelique Ehat
SLUT VINYL  L-R  Jerry Hudson-Drums, Kevin Johnson-Bass, Robert Gamble-Vocals, Eric Ehat-Guitar
at the
Shredder Comp Release show Community Link 1989