Formed in 1980 and played key early shows in the development of the Fresno punk
scene. Most notably
Roeding park, Woodward park and the Fresno Night at the
Mabuhay Gardens in SF in '82. Early on TS played some cool covers. In 1981 they
played a gig at Roosevelt High.  Some of the songs were: Wild Thing, Blitzkrieg Bop,
DDT/Toxic Shock, Something to do, and Walking Home.

Gary Louie, axeman extraordinaire contributed much needed texture and character
to the guitar-sound landscape of the early fresno punk scene. Drawing on elements
of psychedelia, surf and garage he extended the palette of the local punk musicians
to include these influences.
Gary L. has played in several happening Fresno rock and garage bands over the years.


TOXIC SHOCK reformed in '99 after disbanding way back in the mid-eighties and has
been out and about gigging and have released a new CD called
Re-Living our Youth.

The two Garys, Louie and Bufkin are still in the band and the novel, two-vocalists
approach of the original line-up with
Dan Carter is back, too. It's a double-barrel,
punk rock blast.
Teby Segal is still playing bass and Phill Rhoads has stepped in to
handle drumming duties.

It's nice to see the torch of punk rock still carried by these veterans of the early
Fresno punk scene. I love their cover of the
SONICS' Strychnine.

I recently hooked up with lead vocalist, Gary Bufkin at Livingstone's for some
saturday night sinning and he got me caught up on what's been happening. Besides
planning an upcoming Toxic Shock reunion show he's been working on his acting
career. He was in the stage play,
Beyond Therapy , a romantic comedy which played
at the Million Elephant Club on Olive and Fulton in late September through early
October. He's also considering a new project called "Little Orphan Tranny", wherein
he will front a band made up of transexuals and will perform punk rock covers done
in a bluegrass/country style. He'll wear a glitzy country outfit and go by stage name,
"Porterhouse Wagner".

Gary also fleshed out some of his story in the early Fresno punk scene. I learned that
he stepped in as lead singer for
The Frigidettes for a couple of gigs in the early 80's.
Gary remembers opening for the Dead Kennedys in Stockton when he asked the
audience, "Where's those Robber-Baron's, the Barclay's?", referring to the Big Valley
tv show, which took place in Stockton.

Dale Stewart   punksnax  at  hot mail dot com
Gary Bufkin-Vocals
Dan Carter-Vocals
Gary Louie-Guitar
Teby Segal-Bass
Grant Bruegman-Drums
Gary Bufkin interview 8AUG09 10:58 MP3
Gary Bufkin Vocals Toxic Shock 1980
Toxic Shock on stage at Roosevelt High 1981
LtoR Teby Segal-bass, Gary Louie-guitar, Dan Carter-vocals
Toxic Shock at the Tokyo Garden recent
CD cover
Toxic Shock at Woodward Park 1981
6 Song CD Exotic Expression Records 2001
L to R: Phill Rhoads-Drums, Gary Louie-Guitar, Teby Segal-Bass, Dan Carter-Vocals
Experienced musicians playing on cool vintage gear sound great!  Toxic Shock at The Starline in Fresno 17DEC2010
Toxic Shock - Cathy Pilibos-Bass  Gary Louie-Guitar 1981
Fresno Bee 2010