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Joceylin and I attempted a band with Wendy and Larry in 1980. June Beard  (from NBJ), was on drums
and it was called
ALTERED FEATURES. Our one gig I remember was at The Bucket at Fresno State and I
set up my boombox on record at the back of the club to record our set. The interesting thing wasn't the
band, we mostly sucked, but a couple of guys who noticed an unattended tape recorder rolling took it
upon themselves to make comments about the band as we played our set. At the time I was ticked. But,
what was I thinking leaving an unattended tape recorder running with lots of drunk guys standing
around?   It's funny as hell now.  In a thuggish voice: "Hey man......what's up? (chuckle)...I don't know but
these guys really suck.....(chuckle chuckle) jukebox, jukebox, jukebox.....who are these guys?.....I don't
know but they sure suck......(chuckle chuckle)"  ALTERED FEATURES did some recording at Fresno City
College but shortly thereafter we went our separate ways.
Looking for more info and pics of WENDY & THE TWITCH.

Dale Stewart   punksnax@hotmail.com
Wendy West-Vocals
Elvis Melton-Guitar
Rick Struhar-Keyboards
Gilbert R. Gilbert-Bass
Steve "Larry Gone" Mercado-Drums
Wendy performing at Davey Fowler's 1980
Elvis - Guitar and Wendy performing at The Wild Blue Yonder Fresno 1979
Elvis-Guitar, Rick Struhar-Keyboards, Wendy West-Vocals
I don't have any Wendy & the Twitch,
but I do have a live recording of her next project,
Altered Features:
Recorded on a big stereo boombox cassette deck at "The Bucket" on Fresno State campus 1980
Larry Gone and Wendy West 1980
WENDY & THE TWITCH played some of the early punk and new wave shows in
Fresno. I remember seeing them at the Wild Blue Yonder in 1979.  With her
blonde hair and cute, impish look we all thought she kinda looked and sounded
a little like Debbie Harry of BLONDIE. They were kind of well-liked and would
have gone far with the right breaks.
Looking for more info and pics of WENDY & THE TWITCH.
Rick Struhar-Keyboards had some recollections recently on how Wendy & The
Twitch came together:

"The band was fairly short lived. I don't recall recording anything. Played a gig or
two at the Wild Blue Yonder. I met Elvis at Fresno City College and we were both
taking music classes. I'd go over to his house after class and listen to music. He
turned me on to punk. He played the Sex Pistols God Save the Queen and I was
blown away. Then came the band. I think they were already doing a few songs,
then I joined with the Fender Rhodes and the Roland Synth and it filled out the
sound. They were pretty stoked. I didn't know the others, Elvis introduced me.
We all got along pretty good. Had fun practices and played a gig or two. Yes, She
was cute. That's for sure!"