IN '86 Johnny Heathen went on the air with his radio show on KFSR 90.7fm, college radio
station here in Fresno. Every punk, garage and metal band in town got their demos and
records  played on  "Hardcore with the Heathen". Bassist Dave Ewald was listening and
contacted him. Dave would go on to play,(early 90's) in
CIRCUS BOGUS, probably the biggest
Fresno rock band of that era. Ralph the drummer joined up and with Larry Hobson on
vocals, they had a 4-piece band.

Larry ran a shop called Ground Zero. It was a punk and ska clothing and accessories store. It
was very hip. Docs, t-shirts and vintage clothing, too.There were couches and people hung
out there. And that's where the band practiced. Cool place. Larry was also into politics and
his lyrics reflected that.

You have to know about the old Olympic tavern for any of this to make sense. The club that
is now
Club Fred used to be two different establishments. One, a small bar called the
Olympic tavern. And next door, a retail shop. They just knocked the wall down and made
the club bigger in '91. There was a music store and record store in there in late 80's to early

Dave "Hatman" Propp played guitar in '86, but eventually the Heathenmeister took over
axeman duties.

Hardcore with the Heathen on KFSR went from Halloween Night of 1982 to 1989. Johnny
Heathen played the hell outta punk and hardcore in those years. He interviewed a lot of
the local punk, hardcore and metal bands. That radio show was really a valuable resource to
the bands in the punk and alternative scene back in that time. Thanks to Johnny Heathen
and all the hard work.


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Dale Stewart
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Larry Hobson-Vocals
Johnny Heathen-Guitar
Dave Ewald-Bass
Ralph Paolinelli-Drums