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1 Play at the plate 2:12
2 Father's day 3:55
3 O.J. Cobain 2:44
4 Gotta run 2:23
5 Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis 2:47
6 Old punk 2:11
7 Calgon 3:03
8 Under the weather 2:45
9 The fear 2:17
10 D.L.G. 2:32
11 Mountain of pain 3:11
12 Friends you thought you knew 3:02
13 Chain of mistakes 3:44
14 Mister softee 3:50
15 Chunkychunkenheimer 3:28
1994 We Bite America records CD/LP
The last Capitol Punishment record. Even though we all worked hard on this project and it was a lot of fun recording
Westbeach Recorders in Hollywood with Steve Kravac,  there was some regret once it was all done. Sometimes
you go up the hill and the magic just doesn't work. We had some great ideas, great chops, and the recording reflects
that, but the picture on the cover kind of sums it all up. We 4 musicians crashed into each other and brought CP to
a close. I remember waiting for about six months after it's release to see if a tour would materialize. It didn't and
after 14 years and many personnel changes the band evaporated.

2019 Update: After listening to 3-Chord Pile-Up for the first time in several years I have changed my mind about the
quality of the album: It isn't as bad as I had thought back in '94 and not as bad as some other truly bad albums. It
wasn't as if we went off to play in a completely different genre. It just wasn't quite as good as our previous releases.
My perceptions were colored by the general demise of the band which had run it's logical course. I now find several
inspiring moments on the album, especially Jimi's lyrics, "Can't laugh can't cry, stuck on the edge of a Mountain of
Pain. Feeling the way that I do, I'm holding on to you...Feeling the way that I do!"
- Dale Stewart 10SEP19
Jimi Haze-vocals
Dale Stewart-guitar
Joceylin Fedrau-bass
Kelly Kamplain-drums