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Artwork by Tim
                                                                                    1988 We bite records 7-inch EP
Side Ant
Severin 1:33
Everyday my life's a living hell 1:58

Side Bee
When your helpin' the shepherd 1:26
Old George Cloud 2:42

Joe Legget jr.-vocals
Dale Stewart-guitar
Joceylin Fedrau-bass
Tim Biskup-drums

Recorded at Audio Image by Gray Gregson in
Fresno CA June and July 1988.
Released in black vinyl
and white vinyl.

dale stewart  punksnax@hotmail.com
This is one of my favorites because the sleeve opens to a
spectacular 14x14 poster Tim did as white on a black
background. It was "etched" into black paper giving a
superfine detail in white. With the "air" photo on the back
taken at
Gilman Street by Katz Seki and the good tunes,
this one is a keeper.

Also released as a twelve-inch (Super Glutton) with five
extra songs in 1991 on Tim's Duck Butter Records.  Tim
played in several Fresno area bands over the years
including one with his brother called

It was a pleasure to work with Tim as he not only played
drums but added his art work to the projects. He did
cover art, gig flyers and t-shirts for several CP projects,
like the one above and for many other bands. He has a
great web site with lots of fun stuff here: