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                  1993  We Bite records CD LP
SPV Poland Cassette      

This album was difficult to write, record and release. It had two
different singers on it. Jimi Haze sang tracks 1 through 7 and Harvey
Moody sang tracks 8 through 11.

It's safe to say that the departure and replacement of the Lead
Singer during the recording of this album was quite a negative
experience. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. But, we plowed
through the drama and this album still had some good songs on it.

Some good
firsts for a couple of the band members. Like, first time
to record at the famed
Westbeach Recorders in Hollywood.  And
firsts, but different firsts for the other band members. It was the
beginning of the end of Capitol Punishment. That end would come
after one more album after this one.

These two last albums (
Messiah Complex and 3 Chord Pile-up) were
really two halves of the last section of the band. The demise finally
coming two years later in '95.

1 Manumit 3:59
2 Daggers in my eyes 2:19
3 7 Lucky devils 3:25
4 The postman always shoots twice 4:35
5 Ethnic cleansing 2:40
6 Cenobite stomp 2:10
7 I'm not like everybody else 3:04
8 Tick tick tick 2:42
9 It's gotta come out 2:25
10 Your farts are like frankencense to me 1:33
11 I wanna be the anti-christ 2:36
12 Down 4:44

Jimi Haze-vocals tracks 1-7
Harvey Moody-vocals tracks 8-12
Joceylin Fedrau-bass
Dale Stewart-guitar
Willy Greer-drums

recorded at Westbeach recorders
in Hollywood 1992